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White Highwaist Belted Linen Shorts
Premium quality
USD 27.26USD 38.95
3 Colors
Black Highwaist Belted Linen Shorts
Premium quality
USD 38.95
3 Colors
Khaki Highwaist Belted Linen Shorts
Premium quality
USD 23.37USD 38.95
3 Colors
Second-hand available
Beige Recycled Crepe Smock Frill Shorts
USD 24.46USD 34.95
1 Color
Offwhite Lyocell Bermuda Shorts
USD 27.97USD 55.95
2 Colors
White Linen Paperwaist Belt Shorts
Premium quality
Manon Tilstra x NA-KD
USD 24.47USD 48.95
1 Color
Red Pocket Shorts
USD 31.46USD 44.95
1 Color
Sand Lyocell Bermuda Shorts
USD 39.16USD 55.95
2 Colors
Paperbag Shorts
Beige Paperbag Shorts

Paperbag shorts for women

Many of you will know a paper bag as something to carry objects in, but what does it mean when referring to clothes? Well, a paperbag item simply means that there's more material around the waist. And that's it - how great is that! Usually, this extra fabric is pleated, and then you can cinch it in as you please using a belt. This type of clothing is always high waisted too so that you will have the most comfort when walking around. Originally based on long trousers, the trend has moved on to paperbag waist shorts so that you can stay comfy and cool during the warmer months. We have a variety of different options both in colour and material at NA-KD, so take a look and see what we have to offer.

Paperbag shorts - the summer casual

High waisted paperbag shorts are hugely popular, as they offer elegance coupled with comfort when you're out and about. Grab a pair of our linen shorts for the ultimate in comfort. They're available in a range of different colours, but why not start with a neutral tone and pair this with a range of brighter colours to complete the look? For something really casual, match the shorts with a simple T-shirt that you can tuck into your shorts to show off your waist or leave it flowing for a cooler feel. Pair this with a pair of wide strappy sandals for a comfortable stroll or even go with some trainers if you plan on walking a lot and need comfort and support for your feet as you stroll around.

  • Lined shorts provide comfort and coolness
  • Pair with some comfortable flats for a day of walking

Dressing up

These paperbag shorts can also be easily glammed up so you can be comfortable on a night out too. Steer clear of the denim options if you want to stay super chic though - leave those for the casual look. Instead, grab some of the light linen options and pair them with a smarter top such as an off the shoulder blouse or one-shoulder top. Swap out your flats for a slip-on kitten heel or, depending on your mood and the event, go for a higher heel. For some real night-time chic, why not add in an impractical clutch and throw on some cute necklaces and a pair of hooped earrings to show you really mean business? Utilise the belts that come with the shorts to great effect by showing off your waist!

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