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Black Chunky Retro Loafers
Chunky Retro Loafers USD 57.59USD 95.99
NA-KD Shoes
1 Color
Black Seam Detail Loafers
Seam Detail Loafers USD 43.19USD 71.99
1 Color
Black Squared Toe Heeled Loafers
Squared Toe Heeled Loafers USD 50.39USD 83.99
NA-KD Shoes
1 Color
Black Heavy Sole Leather Loafers
Real leather
Heavy Sole Leather Loafers USD 21.59USD 71.99
NA-KD Shoes
1 Color
Black Slim Leather Loafers
Slim Leather Loafers USD 57.59USD 95.99
1 Color

Loafers for women

Loafers are one of those pieces of footwear that never goes out of fashion. These chic, timeless classics are the perfect addition to any women's wardrobe. This type of shoe is perfect for busy days when you need to be on your feet all day as it looks smart, but that small heel makes it is very practical for hours on the go. On top of that, loafers give your feet room to breathe, so they're not going to get overly sweaty either. You might be thinking that they won't look so great, but it's completely the opposite. A stylish pair of loafers, whether you've opted for something a little fancier in a pair of platform loafers or stuck to the classic flat, will give you an easy, everyday elegance that those around you will be envious of! Take a look at our comfortable loafers and get ready for days of stylish comfort when you slip them on your feet.

Open loafers for women

You may have been used to seeing loafers fully enclosing your foot, but what better way to look smart and have easy access to getting these shoes on and off than by opting for a backless pair? At NA-KD we have a range of different backless loafers so that you can slip these shoes on and off with ease. Are you lounging around the pool and need something simple to slip on and off as you get in and out of the water? Try a pair of loafers. Maybe you need to take the bins out and just want to slide something on for a quick trip outside and back. Loafers are the way to go. Not only do we offer this range of backless options, but they come in a wide variety of different colours too so you can jazz up an outfit with black loafers or wear white, brown or even snakeskin options to change things up.

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Variety of colours to match your outfits

Walking in comfort

With the open backs, these loafers will mean that your feet stay fresh and cool all day long. They also give you more support than something like a flip flop so it can help your posture. With the slight heel at the back, you'll find that the sole of the shoe provides a little grip so that you're not going to slip. The inner soles are made of soft material and are well-padded as well to give your foot a great cushion to rest on as you move about. Grab a pair of our quilted loafers to get the ultimate in luxury as you go about your day. The square toe on our loafers also means that your toes have room to move and aren't squished into an uncomfortable shape as you wear them throughout the day. So, with all these great options, take a look at the collection now. We have these shoes in a full range of women's sizes, so grab the perfect fit!

  • Square toes for extra room
  • Padded soles for comfort
  • Small heel providing grip

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