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Silver Multilayer Rhinestone Necklace
Multilayer Rhinestone Necklace USD 11.97USD 19.95
NA-KD Accessories
1 Color
Gold/Black Stone Pendant Necklace
Stone Pendant Necklace USD 24.95
1 Color
Red/White Two Colored Shell Necklace
Two Colored Shell Necklace USD 24.95
NA-KD Accessories
1 Color
Red Rose Strap Necklace
Rose Strap Necklace USD 19.95
1 Color

Chokers for women

Chokers have been around for years in various forms. In this modern day and age, chokers have been used in the fashion industry for decades and they don't look like they'll disappear any time soon. Choker jewellery can come in a massive range of styles and designs, from minimalistic bands to those covered with gems, intricate designs, pendants, beads and more. With such a variety of options at your disposal, chokers can be worn anywhere from the beach to the workplace. If you haven't thought about wearing a choker, why not think about wearing one now? At NA-KD we have a range of different chokers so that you can find one that suits your style, adding a little something extra to your wardrobe when you go out and about, no matter if it's casual or formal!

Chokers for the everyday!

When it comes to wearing a choker, it's the same as wearing a regular necklace in terms of how you pair it with the rest of your clothes. If you want to wear a choker in a more casual form, why not take a look at one of our more simple options - a sleek band of gold for example? This can then be paired with a simple plain tee or wrap blouse and a pair of jeans for an understated casual look. While some chokers are, as the name suggests, quite tight, you can opt for looser chokers too and these have the added benefit of not looking quite so formal. Grabbing a looser choker style can be paired with an oversize shirt, the collar obscuring parts of the choker just to add to the charm.

  • Simple and elegant for a casual look
  • Looser and layered helps to dress it down

Chokers in a more formal situation

Simple chokers can be used in more formal situations too. Pair a simple band with a lacy top and this can be the perfect addition to a romantic evening outfit. If you're looking for something more work-appropriate, then you can pair a choker with other longer necklaces, accentuating your neckline as you do so. Alternatively, go for something less severe like a choker with pendants or pearls, which will help to soften the look yet still look smart for heading to the office. Finally, you should always consider the colour - the colours should match well with the rest of the garments you're wearing. Think about the material too. Metal, fabric, natural products such as beads or shells ... these will all influence the way you wear the choker and how it will match with your desired outfit.

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