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Offwhite Short Sleeve Ruched Denim Dress
2 Colors
Mid Blue Denim Strap Dress
USD 92.95
2 Colors
Dusty Pink Organic Belted Mini Denim Dress
USD 45.95
1 Color
Washed Black Long Sleeve Belted Denim Dress
USD 38.95
1 Color
Beige Puff Sleeve Denim Dress
USD 53.95
1 Color
White Organic Puff Sleeve Belted Dress
USD 41.95
1 Color
Black Zebra Ruched Denim Mini Dress
USD 83.95
1 Color
Light Beige Organic Slip Shoulder Denim Dress
1 Color
Rose Print Denim Strap Dress
USD 55.77USD 92.95
2 Colors
Offwhite Halterneck Denim Dress
USD 46.47USD 92.95
1 Color
Rinse Wash Corset Denim Dress
USD 49.77USD 82.95
1 Color
Light Blue Embellished Denim Mini Dress
USD 40.17USD 66.95
1 Color
Cow Print Fitted Denim Mini Dress
USD 36.97USD 73.95
2 Colors
Rinse Wash Fitted Denim Mini Dress
USD 44.37USD 73.95
2 Colors
Black Long Sleeve Denim Dress
USD 57.95
1 Color
Black Zebra Short Sleeve Ruched Denim Dress
USD 40.56USD 57.95
2 Colors
Mid Blue Buttoned Denim Mini Dress
USD 56.66USD 80.95
1 Color
Offwhite Lacing Halterneck Dress
USD 38.37USD 63.95
1 Color
Peachskin Printed Halterneck Jeans Dress
USD 50.37USD 83.95
1 Color
Blue Print Denim Mini Slit Dress
Handpicked x NA-KD
USD 26.97USD 44.95
1 Color

Denim dresses for women

Denim dresses are the perfect way to get that casual smart look, and it takes minimal effort! At NA-KD we have a range of different denim dresses for you to take a look at. These come in a range of different lengths from mini to midi, various colours (not just the usual denim blue) and even a range of styles, necklines and more. With all these options available, you will also find that our denim dresses come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit. If it's a denim pinafore dress you're looking for, then we've got a selection of different options that can be paired with a jacket to dress up, or an oversized tee to dress down. All are perfect with any footwear you are comfortable in. That's right, you can go for either some slouchy flats or dress up somewhat with a pair of heels or knee-high boots for a more evening look.

Stylish denim dresses

Not everyone wants an above the knee look, so with that in mind, we have a selection of denim midi dress options for you. These dresses hang past the knee to create a more elegant look that can be paired with some open-toed sandals. However, if you're wanting a shorter dress, there are tons of options there too. Our dresses also come with a range of different styles. For instance, choose a shirt dress for a casual feel and some beautiful buttons up the front. Alternatively, you can choose one that fastens with a zipper - some zip up the front for a fun party vibe, while others have hidden zippers at the side to keep the contours smooth, creating a more slinky silhouette. We've also got loose oversized denim dresses too, and these add an extra level of comfort to everyday wear. Grab a belted option if you want to show off your curves and cinch in your waist!

  • Varying lengths for casual to evening
  • Buttons or zippers
  • Belted or fitted

Colours and shapes

Our range of denim dresses also provides you with some silhouette variations as well. Stick to a figure-hugging straight dress or opt for pleats to get a more loose-fitting skirt. You can opt for a simple shirt denim dress, complete with a neat collar, or go wild with one of our frilly numbers. The frills climb the dress, accentuating your shoulders to create something a little different. Choose a puff-sleeve option for a different take on a classic. Planning on wearing this out in the summer? Then go for a sleeveless option or even choose a denim dress that simply has a strap top. If it gets cold, just slide a plain white tee underneath to keep your look cool and elegant. And it's not just blue we've got for you! That's right, we have the regular denim colours, but also pale blue, black, green, cream and many more besides. Grab one of the colourful denim dresses to elevate your outfit or add colour to a classic look.

  • Grab a pleated denim skirt for flow
  • Puffed shoulders add elegance
  • Get colourful with your denim
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