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Gold Gold Plated Chunky Detail Earrings
Gold plated
1 Color
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Gold Ring Earrings
Ring Earrings USD 19.95
1 Color
Gold 2-pack Rectangular Hoops
2-pack Rectangular Hoops USD 24.95
NA-KD Accessories
1 Color
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Silver Rhinestone Hoop Earrings
Rhinestone Hoop Earrings USD 34.95
1 Color
Silver Silver Plated Small Hoop Earrings
Sterling silver
1 Color
Silver Thin Hoop Earrings
Thin Hoop Earrings USD 14.95
1 Color
Gold Hanging Letter Hoops
Hanging Letter Hoops USD 7.47USD 14.95
NA-KD Accessories
1 Color
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Gold Layered Ring Earrings
Layered Ring Earrings USD 24.95
1 Color
Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings for women

We all love a little bit of jewellery now and then as it can help to elevate a potentially dull outfit. However, there's a lot of options out there and you can end up going overboard. For a simple, yet elegant look, why not try out some hoop earrings to add that little touch of class? Hoop earrings can come in many forms too, so we're sure we have something that will meet your needs, whether its small hoop earrings or something larger that draws attention to your neck and collarbone. We have a range of different styles available as well as different colours so you can find the perfect accessory to your outfit without going over the top. Check out our full collection now for the perfect pair!

Find your hoop earrings style!

For many of us, when we hear hoop earrings, we think of massive hoops hanging down from our ears. While these are fun for some events, they often get in the way and can be cumbersome. Instead, opt for one of our smaller hoop earring options that fit comfortably in the ear without the side effect of getting tangled in your hair or clothes. Our hoop earrings come in a range of smaller sizes from those that hug the earlobe to some options that hang just slightly lower. On top of that, we have plain hoops, those with decorative patterns and even options that do hang lower thanks to the addition of soft chains, pendants or pin drops to give you a slightly different look depending on the outfit.

  • Small, understated hoops are the way to go
  • Pin drop, chains, pendants and shells for something different

Colours and styles

We also know that everyone has a favourite colour or metal they prefer when it comes to their jewellery so we've got something for everyone. We have a range of classic gold hoops that are perfect for an evening out but also some casual day wear. If silver is your go-to, then we've got a number of different hoop earring options in both matte and gloss finishes. For those looking for a more natural option, there are hoops with shells, faux leather, pearls and even raffia braids to create something stylish and unusual for your ears. Double up your hoops if you've more than one piercing with various hoop sizes, or opt for a chunky or chubby hoop for a more casual look. Or go the whole way and grab a pair of crystal-studded gold hoops for that evening event.

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