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Mini Bags

Cobalt Blue Trapeze Shoulder Bag
Trapeze Shoulder Bag USD 23.97USD 39.95
NA-KD Accessories
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Mini bag for women

For years, many of us have been dragging massive bags around, packed to the brim with all our daily essentials. But it's time for our shoulders to rejoice and get some love and attention. That's right, the weight has literally been taken off your shoulders, as the mini handbag is now a fashion option. This means that you only need to be carrying the bare minimum when it comes to heading off for a day out. Pack your phone and some lip gloss and you're done. Even better for your shoulders and back is the fact that these bags are carried across your body and by wearing them in this fashion, you distribute the weight more evenly. At NA-KD, we have a range of different small bag options for you, just right for all kinds of outfits.

Styling your mini bag

As a starting point, we have a range of different colours for the perfect mini bag. These can be matched with a variety of outfits, from daywear through to something a little more glam. Grab one of our brightly coloured cross shoulder small bags to match with a casual tee and a pair of jeans. The bucket bag makes a particularly cute accessory to a casual outfit and, better still, it can hold a few of your essentials. If you're planning on going for a walk, maybe grab the full-body lotus bag, which clips around your whole body so that it doesn't swing - this is essentially a tiny bum bag but worn across your body instead of the waist, making this the perfect bag for being out and about.

  • Choose bright colours for a casual vibe
  • Grab unusual styles for a toned-down look

Small bags for a night out

If you're planning on a night out, then we've also got a whole lot of options to choose from. Why not grab a mini bag with a chain for a more stylish look? You can even match your bag's chain to your jewellery, opting for a chunky necklace or bracelet to accentuate your bag. We've got small black bags too, which are the perfect way to add some glam to your evening wear. If you feel a cross-body chain is too casual, then we've got some small handbags too, though you will need to hang on to that bag all night. These tiny handbags are super chic, but can still hold all your essentials. Available in a range of colours, these really complete an evening outfit, lending it a true touch of class.

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