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T-shirt Dresses

Black Pleated Pu Mini Dress
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T shirt dresses for women

If you haven't already got one, then a T-shirt dress is a wardrobe necessity! T shirt dresses for women are the perfect outfit, marrying the best of two worlds. With a T-shirt dress, you are able to enjoy the casual aspects of a T-shirt, but dress it up to make it into a ready-to-go evening outfit too. In order to cover a range of different occasions, here at NA-KD we have a diverse collection of T-shirt dresses that include a variety of different colours, from black to pastel colours, designed to meet your wardrobe needs. On top of that, we offer these dresses in a full range of different women's sizes so you will be able to try out various ones to get the perfect fit. Finally, we offer T-shirt dresses in a range of different styles so that you can enjoy matching them to the rest of your outfit as well as to the event you need to wear it for.

Styling your T shirt dresses

We can all agree that as a general rule, T-shirt dresses tend to be more casual. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Grab one of our slim fitting T-shirt dresses and go out with a curvy, figure-flattering number that's sure to impress. Pair this with a pair of knee-high boots and you're onto a winner! Or simply add in some jewellery and you're good to go! Grabbing a long T shirt dress will give you a more elegant look. In particular, select one of our flowy options and you'll be able to create a more carefree, summery look. Matching this with a pair of loafers will give you the ultimate in casual chic. Check out the different length T-shirt dresses too, as these might give you more ideas on what the perfect dress for you is, what it can be used form and how you can style it up or dress it down as the occasion demands!

  • Slim fit T-shirt dresses make great evening wear
  • Grab a longer dress for elegance

Choosing the perfect T-shirt dress

Not only do we have slim-fitting T-shirt dresses, but we also offer a selection of oversize ones too. These are perfect for those lounging-about days where you want to feel comfortable but dressed! These larger dresses come just above the knee, making them a flattering length without being too short. Or choose one of the off-the-shoulder dresses for some lazy day chic! We've got all these styles in a range of colours too. Black is our go-to though, and no matter what the style or length of the dress, getting it in black automatically adds a level of class. Clinch in the waist of your favourite oversized T-shirt dress using a large belt, slip on a pair of heels and you're ready to party. Alternatively, give some of our pastel dresses a go for a softer look that's no less elegant or casual, depending on how you dress it. Whichever way you go, a T-shirt dress is an absolute must-have!

  • Oversized dresses are perfect for lazy days
  • Try out a range of colours

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