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Sweatshirt Dresses

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Sweatshirt Dresses

The comfiest sweatshirt dress yet

Have you got one or two hoodies and practical dresses, but are looking for something in between? Say hello to our oversized hoodie dress. We've got them in tons of different styles too, so you can find the best one that goes with your usual tone and overall look. There are colours galore too, so you'll find brighter options, cooler tones and everything you could want in a comfy sweatshirt dress. Some are designed to be worn and lazed around in; others are slightly more fitted, so you can head out for a casual but comfy day out and feel perfect all day long. Fall back in love with feeling super cosy any time of the year in any of our sweatshirt dresses. Select the colour you prefer and grab your fave style.

Which sweatshirt dress is best?

Are you looking for a new womens sweatshirt dress? We love how they combine the practicality of wanting to feel easy and comfortable all day, and they look great too! As for styles, there is a design for every one of you ladies. Whether you're a printed pattern kind of girl, or you're more taken with a classy white piece of attire, you'll find what suits you best in this gorgeous collection. Have you got slightly fairer skin too? Maybe you struggle to find the right shades to compliment your skin tone. We've got you covered as well, with some of our bolder sweatshirt dresses. Feel confident and snug with one of these stunning dresses. They're so easy to wear, whether you go for a zipped dress or a throwover style.

  • Bold printed patterns
  • Super chic, sophisticated white belted dresses
  • Oversized and homey sweatshirt dresses

Easy, beautiful sweatshirt dresses for women

If you're bored of throwing on the same old jumper - or maybe you've got an old dress that's warm if you pair it with thick socks - our sweat dresses could be just what you need. Check out new styles to find what feels right. You can feel more feminine in one of our Jersey skirt dresses, designed with an elasticated waistband. It's got long sleeves and it's made from cotton, so not only will you feel fabulous and warm, but the material is gentle on your skin too. If you really feel the cold, then you'll love our hooded sweat dresses too, which come with a belt if you wanted to accentuate your figure. We've not forgotten those who want to feel sexy in what they wear either, with our zipped collar options.

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