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White/Black Jacquard Knitted Wavy Mini Skirt
USD 63.95
1 Color
Black Organic Asymmetric Denim Skirt
USD 48.95
1 Color
Off White Flowy Maxi Skirt
Dani Pavlica x NA-KD
USD 76.95
1 Color
Brown Linen Midi Skirt
Premium quality
Belen Hostalet x NA-KD
USD 69.95
2 Colors
Green Asymmetric Frill Mini Skirt
USD 48.95
2 Colors
White Linen Midi Skirt
Premium quality
Belen Hostalet x NA-KD
USD 69.95
2 Colors
Brown Draped Maxi Skirt
USD 55.95
2 Colors
Beige Rib Maxi Skirt
NA-KD Basic
USD 38.95
4 Colors
White Flowy Satin Maxi Skirt
USD 50.95
1 Color
Orange Pleats Detail Skirt
USD 50.95
2 Colors
Dark Blue Long Jersey Skirt
Elin Warnqvist x NA-KD
USD 46.95
2 Colors
Black Asymmetric Frill Mini Skirt
USD 48.95
2 Colors
Offwhite Fuzzy Knitted Midi Skirt
USD 54.95
2 Colors
Dark Gouache Floral Print Strap Detailed Cut Out Midi Skirt
2 Colors
Cream Tie Detailed Midi Skirt
USD 50.95
1 Color
Lilac Midi Satin Skirt
NA-KD Classic
USD 44.95
4 Colors
Light Blue Slit Detailed  Maxi Denim Skirt
USD 67.95
1 Color
White Cut Out Midi Skirt
USD 48.95
1 Color

Skirts for Women

Having a great skirt for different occasions is a must for a women's wardrobe. However, the sheer range of styles and options when it comes to skirts can be a bit overwhelming. Here at NA-KD we have carefully categorised our skirts so that you can quickly and easily find a skirt in the style you need.

We've got everything you can think of when it comes to skirts too. Are you looking for something cute and comfortable that you can wear on a day-to-day basis? Or are you wanting to find something that's suitable for work? Still not what you need? How about that perfect skirt for an evening out? Then, we've got you covered so take a look now.

Office wear skirts

Nothing stays work-orientated better than a stunning a-line or pencil skirt. At NA-KD we have a range of skirts in this style all in classic colours such as black and pinstripe. These skirts are perfect as a midi length skirt, hitting your knee just right. Not sure of feeling constricted when you walk? Then why not choose one with a slit to give you that extra legroom when strutting your stuff.

Better still, these skirts don't just come in black. If you want something a little less severe, then we also have a range of beige and cream skirts in this style as well.

Party the night away

If you're heading out for a night out, then there are a range of short, mini skirts here too. We have a number of different PU or leather skirts available, all in different styles. For a slightly more fun party vibe, choose between our pink skirts or those in denim. Get that more grunge feel when you pair either of these with a chunky white trainer or shoe — not only will you look good, but your feet won't hurt either!

If you want to go for something simple choose a simple overlap mini skirt. In black, this can be paired with a cute of literally any colour — just go for your favourite. If you're planning on dancing the night away, then our flowy circle PU mini skirt is a must! You'll have the freedom to move and create some pretty swirls too.

Ladies Skirts

Chilling at home or on a relaxed day out will also require a range of different skirt styles. If you want to be truly comfortable when putting your feet up, then choose from our skirts with elastic waists. Alternatively, a maxi skirt is also a great option.

Keep it light with one of our flowy maxi or knee length skirts. Choose a wrap detail mesh skirt complete with pretty patterns for a more casual vibe. At the summer hits, go for a loose fitting midi skirt with one of our stunning animal prints on it. Pair it with a white tee, and you're going to ooze casual elegance, and you won't even be trying!

Choosing the perfect skirt

At the end of the day, it's important to know what type of skirt you need before buying. So, it's a good idea to consider a few of the different criteria. These include:

  • Weather — is it going to be hot or cold?
  • Length — are you going for cute or elegant?
  • Material — do you need warmth or lightweight?
  • Style — tight or loose and flowy?
  • Colour — do you need blue, yellow, black, brown or more?

We have all of these, and a whole lot more in the way of options. So, get ready to find the perfect skirt when you shop with us at NA-KD!

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