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Feather grey Oversized Blazer
Moa Mattsson x NA-KD
USD 97.95
2 Colors
Sand Structured Oversized Blazer
USD 111.95
3 Colors
Light Blue Oversized Twill Blazer
USD 114.95
8 Colors
Green Straight Fit Blazer
Anika Teller x NA-KD
USD 108.95
2 Colors
Second-hand available
Dusty Blue Maxi Oversized PU Blazer
USD 114.95
5 Colors
Brown/Grey Recycled Regular Blazer
USD 81.95
4 Colors
White Front Tie Blazer
Curated Styles
USD 101.95
1 Color
Light Green Wide Shoulder Linen Blazer
Premium quality
USD 101.95
3 Colors
Pink Front Pocket Oversized Blazer
Margaux Dietz x NA-KD
USD 101.95
3 Colors
Marble Print Printed Big Shoulder Oversized Blazer
USD 111.95
1 Color
Black Wide Shoulder Linen Blazer
Premium quality
USD 101.95
3 Colors
Black Recycled Open Back Blazer
USD 83.95
2 Colors
Off White Linen Blend Blazer
Premium quality
Lisa & Lena for NA-KD
USD 88.95
3 Colors
Black Recycled Oversized Tailored Menswear Blazer
2 Colors
White Belted Sharp Blazer
USD 120.95
1 Color
Dark Blue Pinstripe Oversized Blazer
USD 111.95
2 Colors
Beige Fluffy Blazer
NA-KD Trend
USD 111.95
1 Color
Lilac Recycled Tailored Oversized Blazer
USD 108.95
3 Colors

Blazers for Women

Often synonymous with school or even men's clothing, the women's blazer is making a massive comeback. Blazers are an excellent way to take a casual outfit and make it a bit smart. But they're pretty versatile too and can be worn for almost any occasion.

At NA-KD, we're ready to meet your blazer needs. With that in mind, we've got a ton of different colours, a range of cuts and styles, and of course a variety of different materials. We're here to help you complete that outfit so there's everything from calm neutral tones to bright vibrant colours. Not only that, but we've got options for petite, plus size and tall as well.

Making a statement with a blazer

Blazers are the perfect way to make a statement in any situation. However, if you really want to go all out, take a look at our bright, bold coloured blazers. Here we're thinking a green blazer, lilac or even a bright pink. To take this look further, why not look at some of the patterns and different textured blazers we've got too.

So, how to wear it? By going so bold on the top, this type of blazer is best paired with black jeans or trousers. Go for a slim-leg trouser or skinny jeans with a pair of heels or boots to complete the look and turn heads.

Simple is key with blazers

For those looking to be smart without being in your face, then there is a range of simple plain blazers available for you. Choose a blazer set if you want a relaxed office look that can be brought out time and time again. Alternatively, you can try a little mix and match by pairing that plain blazer with a colourful pair of trousers.

If you want to be more understated though, match your blazer and trousers, but have a cheeky colored or patterned blouse beneath that blazer.

Keeping it neutral

You can even stay more neutral when wearing a blazer if you want. Opt for black, brown or white blazers for a neutral look. However, you can still be a little bit different as we have a range of different cuts and styles in these more simple tones.

For instance, you can even choose to go single or double-breasted with your blazers. Alternatively, go for a longline jacket for a slightly more casual look. Our fitted blazers provide you with a whole other level of class. Pair with a crisp white shirt or blouse for the ultimate office chic.

Taking blazers on a night out

But blazers don't always have to be serious. You can opt for some fun blazers for a night out too. For a bit more of a casual vibe, go for our PU oversized black blazer. Pair this with a bright blue jean and some chunky black boots, and you're well on your way to a punk rock vibe.

Still looking to be smart on your night out? Then take a look at our patterned fitted blazers. The zebra print blazer will, literally, be trailblazing when you make your entrance.

Matching your blazer

As you can see, we've given you a few ideas along the way, but pairing a blazer with the rest of your outfit couldn't be easier. Just measure yourself to get the right size and away you go. Don't forget that a blazer doesn't just work with trousers, but can be paired with a skirt or a dress too. Own the look and make the blazer your own this season with whatever blazer you choose at NA-KD.

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