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Most wanted
White Ribbed Knitted Trousers
Belen Hostalet x NA-KD
USD 63.95
3 Colors
White Twill Suit Pants
NA-KD Classic
USD 76.95
8 Colors
White Pleated Elastic Waist Pants
USD 69.95
4 Colors
White Recycled Detailed Ankle Length Suit Pants
2 Colors
White Wide Knitted Slit Trousers
USD 55.95
1 Color
White Ribbed Pants
Hanna Schönberg x NA-KD
USD 48.95
2 Colors
White Suit Trousers
Anika Teller x NA-KD
USD 69.95
2 Colors
White Recycled Tailored Low Waist Suit Pants
4 Colors
Optic White Recycled Flowy Long Pants
Josefine HJ x NA-KD
USD 69.95
1 Color
White Ribbed Knitted Trousers
USD 69.95
1 Color
Winter White Relaxed Mid Waist Suit Pants
USD 69.95
1 Color
White Linen Cropped Pants
Premium quality
NA-KD Classic
USD 58.06USD 82.95
5 Colors
White Recycled Flared Tailored Suit Pants
USD 47.56USD 67.95
2 Colors
White Fuzzy High Waist Pants
USD 41.97USD 69.95
1 Color

Women's White Trousers

Are you looking for a comfortable casual vibe to add to your wardrobe? Well, look no further. Here at NA-KD, we have the perfect trousers in white for any occasion. With a huge range of trousers, we meet your every need. Whether you are looking for that classy look for work or a casual look for an evening out, we have got you covered.

Choosing the perfect white trousers

As well as offering you an impressive range of styles, our collection of women's trousers also comes in a variety of colours. In fact, for an elegant yet classic look, opt for a pair of offwhite trousers with a beautiful cream blouse. Add some colourful jewellery, and you have that signature look. Alternatively, add an oversized jumper to those trousers for a more casual look.

White for a nautical look

Our stunning white trousers are both extremely comfortable and versatile. Ideal for any time of the year and any event. Add a striped blue and white top, some trendy white trainers and a navy blazer, and you have created the most stylish look in town. So, whatever look you want to create, we can help you accomplish your dream.

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