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For buyers
Can I return a pre-owned item?

Yes, we do offer free returns of pre-owned items within 30 days of receiving the order.

How do I make a return of a pre-owned item?

Use the return label that you received with your order.

What’s the delivery time for pre-owned orders?

The delivery time is the same as for regular orders.

Do you check the condition of the item before it is sold?

Yes. All items delivered to your country are shipped from our warehouse and have been assessed by us when they arrive from the seller.

Why doesn’t the seller post pictures of the item?

We want to make it as smooth as possible for customers to buy and sell pre-owned items through our website, which is why we don’t require sellers to post pictures of the items. However, in your country all items are shipped from our warehouse so the item's condition has been assessed by us.

Can I buy both a new item and a pre-owned item in the same order?

Yes absolutely.

For sellers
I want to sell a product, but it's not available as an option. Why?

Unfortunately, selling through NA-KD Circle is only available within the EU at the moment. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

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