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Balloon Leg Jeans

Grey Balloon Leg Cargo Pants
Balloon Leg Cargo Pants USD 79.95
1 Color
Cream Front Pleat Balloon Leg Jeans
Front Pleat Balloon Leg Jeans USD 29.97USD 59.95
NA-KD Trend
1 Color

Balloon Jeans Bring it all Together

The balloon jean is a relaxed, comfortable jean style that brings a lot of the qualities of some of our favourite jean styles together into one easy-to-wear option. From mum jeans with a relaxed fit, the high waist of the famed ribcage and wedgie models of the past, and the cropped legs of countless high-rise styles that have been released over the years. Like the balloon pants idea itself, these trousers offer a mix of much-loved features on a pair of jeans. Whether you call balloon jeans mum jeans, 80s vintage, or any of the other common names for this style, you’ll always get the same great qualities.

Find Comfort and Style with Balloon Jeans

With a high waist, loose-fitting legs, and a cropped length, these jeans are built to make you look and feel great. The baggy balloon effect not only brings comfort, but you’ll be surprised about how stylish they can be as well. One thing that you’ll notice right away is how balloon jeans are able to create a slimming effect thanks to the high waist and loose leg cuts. These jeans won’t squeeze your tummy though - it’s just a nice, well-balanced look. To ensure that you get the most out of your balloon pants, it’s always good to match them up with the right top.

Strike a Perfect Balance

For the perfect look, combine balloon jeans with a top that creates the look that you are going for. Are you looking for a sexy look? How about chic or sporty? The right top will make all the difference. Try to match your jeans with a top that fits your form. This will help create that balance you are looking for and will also ensure that you aren’t hiding your figure. Let the jeans steal the show when it comes to baggy. Crop tops, slim sweaters, and other similar options are usually a good matchup with your favourite balloon trousers.

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