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How To Create Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe In 2024


September 5, 2023

When the colder season slowly settles in, it’s time to give your wardrobe a revamp and get all the clothes that make you feel comfy and cosy. If you’re looking to be more minimal and mindful this winter, building a winter capsule wardrobe can be a great idea. That’s why our experts have curated a list of trendy essentials you should add to your winter staple wardrobe, along with some handy tips so you stay snug and stylish this winter. 

What’s A Winter Capsule Wardrobe - Should You Try It? 

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes that allows you to mix and match easily to create several outfits. Usually, a capsule wardrobe consists of between 20-50 items of clothing including essential items and accessories. But this can entirely depend on how you prefer styling yourself. Having a capsule wardrobe is quite different from the normal wardrobe most of us have. The idea is to be selective and mindful of your choices to make creating outfits easy, efficient and stylish.

Capsule wardrobes have gained popularity recently due to the increasing need for sustainable practices and the rising interest in minimalism. Most people have capsule wardrobes according to the season. You can have a summer capsule wardrobe that’s different from your winter capsule wardrobe.

There are several advantages to building a capsule wardrobe, including less clutter in your wardrobe, ease of travel, efficiency, and even enhanced style. Capsule wardrobes can be budget-friendly, too, since you tend to focus more on quality than quantity. 

Tips For Building A Fashionable & Functional Winter Capsule Wardrobe 

Access Your Current Wardrobe 

Take a look at all the items of clothing you own and what still fits your personal style. Set aside all the items you know you won’t wear for a while.

Pick A Colour Palette 

It’s always best to have a point of reference for inspiration when it comes to building a winter capsule wardrobe. Neutral colours like grey, blue and black suit winter, but if you want a change from these muted tones, you can always pick some colours that pop.

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Depending on the kind of work you do, where you live, and your hobbies, you may have different requirements. Tailor your new winter capsule wardrobe according to your needs. 

Add A Touch Of Your Personality 

While it’s great to follow a template when building a capsule wardrobe, it’s even better to add a hint of your personality to your clothing. You can do this through your accessories and by experimenting with different outfits. 

Layer It Up 

Pieces that can help you layer up are extremely important to have in your winter capsule wardrobe but are often forgotten. Items like scarves, cardigans, vests and thermal tops can help you stay warm while also adding a touch of dynamism to your outfit.

Keep It Updated 

Having a fixed wardrobe to choose from doesn’t mean you can’t wear fashionable clothing or something that’s in style. It’s a good idea to add and remove items from your winter capsule wardrobe sometimes and keep updating it according to your needs.

7 Trendy Essentials You Need To Include In Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 

1. Cosy Turtleneck 

It goes without saying that turtlenecks are the perfect tops for winter. Not only do they provide enough opportunity for warmth, but their versatility and timeless appeal come from the fact they’re easy to style and gender-neutral. You can wear turtlenecks on many different occasions and pair them with trousers, skirts, and even dresses. 

2. Built-In Scarf Coat 

Most of us already have a good functional coat in our wardrobe, but built-in scarf coats provide double warmth and are super trendy as well. Not only can they act as the centrepiece to any outfit, but they also pair really well with the classic top and jeans outfit, which you can wear almost everywhere. 

3. Slouchy Boots 

While boots are a classic addition to any winter capsule wardrobe, the trendiest pair of boots currently are slouchy and oversized. Most fashion houses have already displayed slouchy boots in their latest collection. Since they’re oversized, it makes it quite easy to layer up leggings and woollen socks under them - just what you need for winter! 

4. Classic Denim 

You can hardly go wrong when it comes to denim. It’s always been in style and an essential in any winter capsule wardrobe. Wide-leg or high-waisted jeans are the trendiest this winter. Denim will keep you warm in the colder months but still be stylish and comfortable. You can add metallic elements like belly chains or clip-on studs to make your classic top and jeans outfit look more Y2K.

5. Long-Sleeved Satin Dress 

Functional for layering up, sophisticated and warm - a satin dress is a must-have in every capsule wardrobe. But if you’re looking for something specifically for winter, a long-sleeved satin dress is a great choice. You can pair this dress with a thick coat, black leggings and boots to complete your perfectly fashionable winter look. 

6. Woollen Bib

Although it may sound strange, woollen bibs have recently made a comeback in the fashion world. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally practical. Easy to wear and remove, woollen bibs are worth adding to your winter capsule wardrobe. They give you an extra layer of warmth when you need it and can instantly uplift your regular t-shirt outfits. You can consider adding woollen bibs to your autumn capsule wardrobe as well since they’re perfect during the transitional months.

7. Velvet Skirt

If you’re going out on a cold winter day and want to look dressy but still want to feel warm, velvet skirts are a superb option. The luxurious texture of these skirts makes them perfect as partywear, and they can easily be paired with other items in your winter capsule wardrobe. They also come in various colours, so you can choose the one that perfectly fits your vision. Whether you're attending a formal event, going out with friends, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your everyday winter outfits, a velvet skirt can provide both warmth and style. 

Feeling Inspired To Build A Winter Capsule Wardrobe? 

As you dive into the world of winter fashion, crafting your very own deep winter capsule wardrobe is like having a smart strategy up your cosy sweater sleeve. It's all about mixing practicality and style, so you're ready to rock the chilly season with flair. 


Now that you have all the essential tips for building a winter capsule wardrobe, are you excited to make one of your own? Shop all the essentials and accessories for your winter capsule wardrobe at NA-KD and check out the latest collection of winterwear to keep you warm yet fashionable. We’d love to see what inspiring looks you create with your new winter capsule wardrobe! 

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