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How To Create Your Shoe Capsule Wardrobe In 2024


September 5, 2023

Like any accessories, shoes can add the 'wow' factor and play an important role in any modern wardrobe. Whether you're an avid shoe collector or a minimalist, the right choices mean endless outfit options. Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, but have you ever explored the thought of a shoe capsule wardrobe?


These compact collections offer staples that cut the clutter and provide endless mix-and-match outfits. Whatever your lifestyle, they're simple to build if you stick with timeless styles that make regular catwalk comebacks. You don't need that vast shoe collection. Remember, if a shoe capsule wardrobe is your goal, you must pare down to around ten pairs!

How To Start Choosing Shoes For Minimalist Wardrobes

Depending on the season, building your shoe capsule wardrobe is straightforward and can be a lot of fun. Shoe fanatics can reduce stress by starting with a winter and summer collection. For the rest of us, as long as you have quality footwear designs and fabrics, you'll find you can work with as few as five different styles! 

Understand The Categories

Your lifestyle should drive footwear choices and, as a vital accessory, represent your personality and how you dress. As you start building your shoe capsule wardrobe, be decisive and put any categories that don't correspond to these factors to one side.

Think About Proportions

Your final shoe capsule wardrobe must match how you spend your time proportionately. So, if you're a working girl, professional shoes must make up around half of your collection. Then, you can split the remaining pairs between leisure, casual and dressing up. 

Have Some Fun

Select your favourite shoes from each lifestyle category, remembering that they need to be versatile but don't need to be boring. Classic designs are perfect for the workplace, but leisure time could need other designs. If you have shoes you love, try to keep them in the mix. 

Aim For Style Variety 

The styles you choose for your shoe capsule wardrobe should meet your individual style preferences and practical everyday needs. Try to select some versatile options you know will work across different categories or double as casual and workwear.

Choose Complementary Colours

Focus on neutral colours like black and navy or shades of brown that match outfits easily. But there's nothing wrong about adding personality with some bolder tones, animal prints or metallics. Just be sure you can wear them in multiple ways.

Comfort Is Key

There's no place for uncomfortable footwear in your shoe capsule wardrobe, however much you like them. Every pair should be a durable, well-fitting workhorse. Avoid styles and heel heights that aren't versatile, and don't be tempted by the annual sales!

7 Of The Best Shoes For Capsule Wardrobes

Some shoe styles will never disappoint, whatever lifestyle you enjoy. Of course, everyone's choice will differ slightly, but these are some on-trend and time-tested favourites. They'll transport you to different events, walk you to the office, or help you relax at the weekend. Here are our tips on the styles to complete your shoe capsule wardrobe: 

1. Loafers & Oxfords

Versatile and comfy, these are a step up from street sneakers and are perfect for business and pleasure. Semi-formal, they're all-purpose shoes that you can't beat for style and functionality. From casual lunches to refined get-togethers, there's nowhere they can't go. 

2. Ankle Boots

A pair of slick Chelsea or ankle boots is the perfect transitional for your shoe capsule wardrobe. They're an all-around complement for both casual and formal outfits. While high heels and knee-high boots might be on trend, you can wear these minimalist staples all year.

3. Ballerina Flats

Every great shoe capsule wardrobe needs stylish flats, not just for the office. They look just as irresistible with jeans or a floral dress. Polished and feminine, a pair of chic ballet flats are a style staple. They will literally go with any outfit and take you a long way. 

4. Open-Toed Style 

Weather permitting, these are laid-back and stylish go-tos for relaxing at the weekend or attending formal gatherings. They're comfy, supportive, and team well with outfits. Whether you choose flats or ankle straps, you need at least one pair in your shoe capsule wardrobe. 

5. Heeled Pumps

A pair of heeled pumps may be classic, but they've never been so fashionable. They're an excellent option for taking you from day to night and look fabulous just with jeans and a blazer. You can opt for neutrals, but here's your chance to add some colour or those cute kitten heels. 

6. Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers should definitely be in your shoe capsule wardrobe, even if you're not into streetwear. Everyone can rock them because they look great with everything from evening dresses to combats. If you're into keeping fit, you'll also need a pair for athletic wear.

7. Killer Heels

Add your personality with sophisticated high heels or eye-catching showpiece shoes. Whether you want to add a statement to your minimalist outfits or your little black dress, they're perfect. Designed to turn heads, they balance out the failsafe items in your shoe capsule wardrobe!

Perfecting Your Shoe Capsule Wardrobe For 2024

A core collection of timeless clothes and shoes will help you quickly transition across the seasons. But it doesn't end there. Once you've tackled your shoe capsule wardrobe, other essential accessories come into play. From the elegant belt and sleek shoulder bag to statement jewellery, they all need to complement your footwear. If you're still searching for the perfect basics to update your style, take a tour of NA-KD for the latest shoe trends and add-ons you'll love forever.

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