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Wide-Leg Trousers Outfit Ideas: 7 Perfect Styles


May 23, 2023  • Updated June 7, 2023

Ever since the 70s, wide-leg trousers have almost always been in style. These comfy, high-waisted trousers have been worn on multiple occasions by some of the most famous personalities of each era. That’s no surprise, though. These wide-leg trousers look great on everybody - whether you want to highlight your curves or want a slimming and lengthening style. 


They’ve even garnered various names like Palazzos, Bell Bottoms, Culottes and Puddle Pants - but in the end, they’re all the same thing - the airy and flowy wide-leg pants that everyone loves. So if you’re wondering what to wear with linen trousers or other wide leg trousers in cotton, silk or velvet, we’ve curated a list of some of the most popular ways to style your outfits. You can look great no matter if you’re wearing them during a business meeting or a casual day out with friends. 

7 Ways To Style Your Wide-Leg Trousers Outfits 


The minimal look is one of the most popular styles for wide-leg trouser outfits. That’s because these fashionable trousers are minimal by default. They’re high-waisted, usually in muted tones and look great with other minimal fashion pieces. 


If you just bought a brand new pair of wide-leg trousers and didn’t want to get too experimental, you could always style a simple crop top of the same colour to achieve the perfect monochrome and minimal look. Another way to incorporate the minimal style is to pair off-white wide-leg trousers with a white t-shirt or crop top


If you’re feeling particularly creative and love vibrant and experimental styles in your wardrobe, then the bohemian style is for you. From tie-dyes to floral patterns, bohemian wide-leg trousers outfits are a great way to add some personality to your clothes. There’s so much you can do with boho wide-leg pants. It’s all about the airy and flowy elements and a pop of colour in this style. Look for stripes, geometrical patterns, and floral prints for your wide-leg trouser outfit ideas. 


You could pair it with a solid-coloured top or one with the same pattern as your wide-leg trousers. Such styles are great if you’re also looking for wide-leg trousers wedding outfits. With the boho style, you could hardly go wrong. 

Business Casual 

Most wide-leg trousers outfit ideas on social media show you how to style wide-leg trousers for business casual. They’re neutral-toned, give your legs a lengthened curve, and look great when paired with a formal shirt. But those aren’t the only tops you can wear with wide-leg trousers. Wear a vest or a satin button-up shirt, and add a blazer! Want to add some definition to your waist? Wear a belt to highlight the separation. And that’s it - you’re perfectly executing the business-casual look with your wide-leg trousers outfit. 


As a rule of thumb, a black wide-leg trouser outfit paired with metallic elements will give you the perfect business casual look.


The Parisian style is the perfect blend of business casual and minimalistic outfits. Think of a long-sleeved top paired with a blazer and high-waisted, wide-legged trousers. Then, add a belt, high heels and a beret - that’s how you could style the perfect Parisian wide-leg trousers work outfit. Or try an all-beige wide-leg trousers outfit to rock the Parisian style. 


Monochromes look great for such outfits while keeping true to French fashion and streetwear. If you feel like ditching the blazer, try wearing a button-up top and a chic pair of sunglasses. Bum bags look good when trying to style a wide-leg trousers outfit, and it’s great that they’re trending too! 


The nostalgia for vintage clothing is very popular. And as trends from the 70s, 80s and 00s are coming back, choosing a retro style might be one of the best choices if you want to stay on trend. For example, women in the late 70s were rocking wide-leg trousers outfits both casually and formally. Since solid-coloured wide-leg trousers can get monotonous, why not pair them with a tucked-in top with horizontal stripes? Accessorise with a bold hairband or a bandana, and you’re already executing the retro-styled wide-leg trousers outfit. 


Who said that wide-leg trousers outfits could only lean towards more formal styles? If you’re feeling a bit sporty and still want to rock those wide-leg trousers outfits, the athleisure style is right for you. The best part is that it’s so easy to style as well - just pair your flowy wide-leg trousers with a sports bra, and you’re good to go! Cropped puffer jackets and a pair of white sneakers look great with neutral tones and will keep you warm and cosy while you achieve all your fitness goals or for relaxing on your couch on a winter day. 


This style is about individualism and the freedom to wear whatever you want, from Bermuda shorts outfit to wide-leg trousers and everything in between. It’s the most flexible style with combinations of all the other styles. You can change every pair of wide-leg trousers into streetwear, from vibrant, textured, wide-leg trousers to simple, neutral ones. Add elements of denim, graphic tees and sneakers to nail the exact streetwear look. But don’t forget to experiment with such outfits - because that’s what it is all about! 

Accessories You Need To Get For Your Wide-Leg Trousers Outfits 

While wide-leg trousers outfits look great when minimal, adding accessories can completely uplift them. Choosing the right footwear for your wide-leg trousers is important since these trousers tend to be heel-length. To add to the lengthening effect of these trousers, pair them with high heels for the perfect chic and business casual look. On the other hand, wearing sneakers or sandals, especially with the bohemian and street styles, will help to tone down your outfit and make it more relaxed. 


Other accessories that look great with high-waisted trousers are belts and headbands since they add horizontal lines to the otherwise vertical style. Also, try adding a variety of bags and purses, along with sunglasses, according to how you want your wide-leg trousers outfit to look.


We hope we have given you some good ideas of how to style your wide-leg trousers. Get all the latest fashion pieces and wide-leg trousers you need for your outfits on NA-KD!

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