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2000s Fashion Is Making A Comeback - 11 Trends You Need To Try


April 12, 2023  • Updated August 31, 2023

The 2000s fashion era was full of iconic celebrities and their unforgettable fashion statements. The most recognisable of them all is, of course, the low-rise jeans. We already see celebrities like Bella Hadid and Zendaya wearing them in most paparazzi shots. But that isn’t the only trend that is resurfacing. From bucket hats and cargo pants to baguette bags and graphic tees, Y2K fashion is back and here to stay for a while. 


Crop tops, oversized sunglasses, and choker necklaces are just some of the other fashion items that have resurfaced. Even accessories such as chokers, hoop earrings, and butterfly clips are making a return. Here’s a list of 11 trends from 2000s fashion that celebrities are wearing, and you should too!


1. Bolero Tops 


Crochet or not, bolero tops are back, and we love them. If you look up 2000s fashion on social media, your feed would be full of outfits that incorporate bolero tops or shrugs, as they are often called. From lace and crochet to knits and satin, there’s a lot to choose from. You can also experiment with different materials, colours, textures and prints. They’re airy, stretchy and perfect for the spring when it’s cold enough for you to layer up but not enough to add an entire thick layer. Sleeve-cut bolero tops are trending in 2000s fashion for women and can instantly add a touch of dynamism to outfits that could be generic. 

2. Baguette Bags


They’re one of the most recognisable 2000s fashion trends. They’re compact and making a comeback. And honestly, we’re here for it. The show Sex and the City popularised these bags in the early 2020s, and to no surprise, we’re seeing them all over social media these days. You’ve probably already seen Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner sporting the classic 2000s fashion look with sunglasses and tube tops. 


At first glance, it might not look like it, but baguette bags are pretty practical. You can fit your wallet, phone, some basic makeup products, and toiletries without making them too heavy. While black baguette bags are standard, adding some patterns and textures to them can give a personality to your outfit. They’re perfect for your 2000s party outfits too!

3. Bandeau Tops


These 80s fashion tops have remained popular. They’re functional, perfect for the summer, look great with layers and leave plenty of room for interesting jewellery around your neck. 


Bandeau tops are the perfect choice to highlight your curves since they add a vivacious touch to your outfit, especially when matched with classic low-rise jeans. But that’s not all. If you love your tummy-hugging high-waisted jeans, they go perfectly well with those too! Style your striped bandeau top with white low-rise jeans, a bucket hat, and chunky sunglasses to achieve the perfect 2000s fashion look.

4. Platform Shoes


In the 2020s, footwear was something most fashion magazines talked about. T-shaped strapped sandals might not be back in fashion, but the 90s fashion platform shoes and sandals are. We’ve already seen paparazzi clicks of Olivia Rodrigo and Hailey Beiber making a bold street style statement with the platform boots reminiscent of 2000s fashion. 

They look great with dresses and jeans too. So no matter how you’re feeling, you can always slip your platform boots on, and you’re good to go, looking as up-to-date with the latest fashion trends as ever.

5. Vests 


It’s hard to speak of peak 2000s fashion without mentioning the era when MTV featured all the artists rocking tailored vests and their low-rise jeans. Every celebrity wore a vest in at least one of their street-style photos - Kim Kardashian, Kesha, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and so on.


Today, we’re seeing the return of this 2000s fashion trend, except it’s denim. Denim vests look great with white crop tops or black lacy tops. And more than anything, they’re a great way to layer up if you’re preparing for a chilly winter. 

6. Bucket Hats 


There’s often a big debate about whether bucket hats were a thing of the 90s or the 2000s. But honestly, it doesn’t matter, as we’re so happy they’re back in style. Bucket hats are featured in most early 2000s hip-hop music videos. They are statement pieces that will instantly remind you of the era of Jay Z’s music and Rihanna’s debut. Interestingly, these are two of the celebrities who recently brought them back in style. 


While pastel shades are the most popular in 2000s outfits, adding vibrant colours and patterns will make your outfits more eye-catching and interesting. Pair with a minimal graphic tee with cargo pants. They’re perfect for casual streetwear, giving you a comfortably-cool look, and perfect for your Spring/Summer 2023 wardrobe.

7. Graphic Tees


These are probably one of the most recognisable Y2K trends. Taking inspiration from 2000s clothes, graphic tees with subtler and simpler designs are in style, especially tees with graphics at the back, including anime-like visuals and bold typography.


Graphic tees seem close to becoming a generation-favourite 2000s look because of their versatility. Prefer to go minimal with your clothing? Choose a graphic tee with a small print on the front. Love making a bold statement with your clothes? Style your outfit with eye-catching prints at the front and back. Different colours and different styles give you plenty of room for experimentation too.

8. Belly Chains


Belly chains and waistbands are very trendy right now. But the real question is, when did they ever go out of style? Belly chains are an interesting detail to have in your outfits and are a great way to add a flair of sophistication. Take Beyonce and Kylie Jenner, for example. Both of them paired delicate belly chains with their beach looks and looked absolutely stunning while doing it.


Now that low-rise jeans are making a comeback too, belly chains fit right into that 2000s fashion look. But even if you’re not entirely convinced to start adapting the 2000s style, the good news is that belly chains and waistbands look good with almost every outfit - bikinis, dresses, gowns, crop tops, you name it.

9. Cargo Pants 


If there was one trend that ruled early 2000s fashion, it’s cargo trousers. Jennifer Aniston and Avril Lavigne ruled the entire cargo pants trend, and they slayed. 


While green cargo pants are the most popular, there are a variety of colours you can choose from. Try neutral shades like grey, sage, beige, tan and khaki to create the most number of outfits from what you have. 

10. Pleated And Micro Mini Skirts


Yes, we’re talking about ‘micro’ mini skirts. They were definitely a thing in 2000s fashion and are making a comeback. Of course, if you talk about 2000s style you have to mention Paris Hilton. She was the queen of Y2K fashion, and almost everything she wore then is back in style. Skirts were her staple fashion piece, especially the impossibly short ‘micro mini skirts’. But more than anything, her pleated skirts are making a huge comeback, and it’s no surprise. The straight-out-of-tennis-lessons look successfully captures the nostalgic early 2000s fashion style with caps, skirts and boots, which we see celebs wear these days.

11. Bedazzled Sunglasses 


If you’re looking for statement sunglasses, let’s take a trip back to the 2020s. Remember those pink, pearl and purple shades of sunglasses that almost everyone wore? The one with diamonds reflecting the sun? They’re back in style. 


Yellow, pink and brown were the most popular tints back in the 2000s fashion era, and well, those are still the ones that most people pick even today. So if you want to pick one go-to accessory from 2000s fashion, bedazzled sunglasses have got to be the one!

What’s Your Favourite 2000s Fashion Trend? 


These days, most celebrity outfits you see on Instagram bring back nostalgic 2000s fashion, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try some for yourself. Now more than ever, there’s so much room for experimentation with your outfits. You don’t have to go all-out and discard your entire wardrobe, but you can always start by collecting the pieces to make one super Y2K outfit for yourself. 


Which trend do you think you would adapt to your daily fashion? If you want to try some of these 2000s outfit ideas making a comeback, don’t forget to tag NA-KD with #beNAKD & #nakdfashion ! We love to see how you’ve styled your outfit. 

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