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Diversity and inclusion
Fashion should empower and inspire. We will enable our customers, creative partners, employees, and those working in our supply chain to raise their voices and fulfil their potential. From our warehouses and factories, to our offices and studios, we will advocate for equal rights and live by our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We will be a champion of diversity and female empowerment in fashion.
Giving voice to women
We want to empower and enable our customers to raise their voices.
  • By 2025, 80% of customers perceive NA-KD as ‚Äúcelebrating equality & diversity‚ÄĚ
  • Influencers representing all five continents
To learn more about our progress, please see our latest Sustainability Report!
  • Secure diversity both in front of and behind the camera
  • Highlight diversity and equality issues through selected influencers
  • Continue to cast Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) models, ensuring everyone can see their own skin tone celebrated on our website and in our marketing campaigns
An inclusive workplace
We want to create a culture of belonging with equal status, rights, conditions and opportunities for all.
  • A balanced representation of male, female, non-binary people through the organisation; both from a functional and managerial perspective
  • Maintain our high level of foreign-born co-workers
  • Keep the eNPS between 10 and 30
  • Equal eNPS between departments
To learn more about our progress, please see our latest Sustainability Report!
  • Implement and work with our values in the daily work on a company, team, individual and cross-functional level
  • Create an effective on- and offboarding process to ensure employee retention in the long run
  • Educate all managers on how to recruit to create an inclusive workplace
  • Training plans and development with focus on leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion
  • Communicate, analyse and take actions from all employee surveys
  • Work more with cross-functional sessions to break down silos and promote organisational wide inclusion
  • Continue to include our employees through different social media channels to highlight their testimonials.
Fair and equal jobs in our supply chain
We respect human rights and will make it a priority to empower and enable all people across our supply chain to be able to fulfil their potential.
  • By 2025, 50% of our business volume produced in factories (tier 1) showing high performance in social audits (at least B in amfori BSCI audits, or similar in other systems)
  • By 2030, factories (tier 1) representing 100% of business volume have made their own living wage assessments for their workers
To learn more about our progress, please see our latest Sustainability Report!
  • Continuously support factories with actions and improvement plans for fair working conditions, effective social and wage management systems, and respect for human rights
  • Engaging in industry collaboration, awareness raising & advocacy for fair working conditions and living wages
  • Identify and initiate social sustainability initiatives targeting workers‚Äô rights and women‚Äôs empowerment in our supply chain
  • Continuously review and strengthen our purchasing practices
Our role in society:
Ignite a movement in the fashion industry that empowers and inspires all
We want to advocate for everyone’s right to be who they are, to celebrate diversity and advance inclusion in our society.
  • Social impact through community engagement initiatives
To learn more about our progress, please see our latest Sustainability Report!
  • To use our voice in society to advocate through marketing and taking a stand as a company through our public affairs and relations activities
  • Support for NGOs that support everyone‚Äôs right to be who they are
  • Inspire girls to become whoever and whatever they want
  • We will support young women‚Äôs rights and mental health
Our progress
Today, fashion companies are responding to pressure from customers, employees and other stakeholders to do more. Instead of relying on eye-catching imagery, we are expected to proactively advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. As a result, more and more fashion companies are making meaningful changes. Taking a public stand on diversity and inclusion topics is something that we’re proud of at NA-KD and supporting wider social issues in alignment with our brand values is close to our hearts.
All for equality
For us, it is a given that everyone has equal rights. Our vision is to always make women feel at their best. This applies to how we serve our customers, how we treat our employees and how we work with those in our supply chain. We do not accept discrimination, victimisation or harassment in any form. We make this crystal clear in our Code of Conduct and in our Equal Treatment Policy.
Amplifying women’s voices
We are using our business and social channels to empower our customers to raise their voices ‚Äď whoever they are, wherever they live. We celebrate that beauty comes from difference by showcasing work from diverse young talents. We listen to and learn from our customers and creators. We accelerate career opportunities for young women, especially those in the creative industry. All for our vision ‚Äď always making women feel at their best.
NA-KD Art is a quarterly creative avant-garde collection designed by NA-KD. It presents collections with a higher degree of fashion, containing carefully selected innovative and exclusive qualities and designs. It’s an arena for our designers and creatives to push boundaries, create freely, and disrupt the ordinary.
We believe in standing up for our values. Everyone has an equal right to be who they are, without being judged, to love freely, and to have access to the same opportunities for success. While diversity and inclusion is already important at NA-KD, we know we still have much to learn. We consider it important to take an active stand and publicly support the values we believe in, from diversity to LGBTQIA+ rights. To use our platform to give voice to those underrepresented, to challenge norms, and to be a force for change.
Learn more about how we do this in our latest Sustainability Report.
Creating an inclusive workplace
The more diverse a company is, the better it performs. According to McKinsey research, companies that rank in the top quartile for gender diversity in executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile. The research also showed that companies in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity are 36% more likely to outperform industry peers. Beyond hiring a really international team - we currently have employees from more than 30 countries - we are also hosting diversity and inclusivity training sessions for the team. Our long-term goals can be read in detail above. When it comes to the fashion industry, while women make up two thirds of the workforce, this ratio is not represented at executive levels. Making diversity and inclusion the norm won’t just improve corporate culture, it will also lead to growth and great performance.
Find out more about how we work with this here and our progress in our latest Sustainability Report.
Our design and creative process results in a lot of samples. Samples that are tested and screened by our purchasing department, but also used when shooting images for our website and social media channels. We donate most of these clothes to charities, both to second-hand shops and local shelters supporting socially vulnerable women ‚Äď including homeless women, refugees, victims of domestic violence, and women exposed to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
In recent years, we've proudly supported a number of organisations and initiatives. Read more about them in our latest and past Sustainability Reports.
Decent work for all
The fashion industry employs over 75 million people worldwide. We are well aware of the struggle to achieve good working conditions, wages and livelihoods in every single country where fabrics and garments are sourced. But it is a challenge we take head on. We are continuously improving these aspects for all people working in our value chain, in close collaboration with our industry peers.
Read about our work for fair and equal jobs in our supply chain here.
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