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All the way to you
Having over a million customers all over the world, we send a lot of orders every day. At NA‑KD we're not happy until we've done all we can to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we climate compensate all our transports. Read more here.
To take full responsibility, we're considering every step. From our inbound shipments, to warehouse, last mile and returns. From the factories, to our warehouse, to you.
Industry challenges
In 2017, 27 % of total EU greenhouse gas emissions came from the transport sector, according to the European Environmental Agency. The transport industry is moving towards more sustainable transports with electrification and other renewable fuels such as biodiesel, gas and hydrogen fuel cells. But these solutions are not widely implemented yet. Being an e-commerce brand, NA‑KD supports all changes towards a more sustainable transport industry, in alignment with our target of reducing our climate emissions by 50% by 2030. We believe in collective and collaborative efforts, which is why we are proud to have joined a Swedish industry initiative; Sustainable E-commerce.
Let's pack
Saving space, packing light, packing safe. Making sure that nothing gets damaged or soiled during transport. Making sure all materials have as little impact on the planet as possible.
There's a lot of sustainability issues to take into consideration when wrapping and packing. Different materials have different pros and cons, and a number of aspects need to be considered:
  • how the material is grown or developed
  • energy, resource and pollution from manufacturing
  • ability to use recycled content
  • end-of-life; ability and likelihood of being reused, recycled or disposed of properly
  • impact on transport emissions
We constantly consider these factors to evaluate the different sources of packaging in our business, always aiming to make as little impact on the environment as possible.
Again and again
All our shipping bags are made of 100 % recycled plastic.
Grass for the planet
We wrap earrings, sunglasses and all other tender items in sustainable paper, partly made from fast growing grass.
Break it down!
Plastic usually breaks down slowly, but we speed up nature's own composting process by hundreds of years by adding Biodegradable Organic Polymer (BDP™) to the plastic bags protecting each garment. BDP ensures that the plastic doesn’t cause microplastics. If thrown in landfill the leftovers will eventually become the same as for organic waste – compost waste, water and biogas.
At NA‑KD our cardboard boxes are made out of FSC certified paper – which assures responsible paper sourcing.
On the road
On the road, on the sea, in the air. Everything that ships creates a carbon footprint. And as a retailer with millions of customers, we of course ship a lot. That's why it's paramount for us to find the best possible routes and modes of transportation – with as low emissions as possible. NA-KD is continuously increasing our fossil-free delivery option coverage in different countries together with our beloved partners Instabox, Helthjem and Budbee.
Aerial shot of wind turbines at dusk Aerial shot of forest and road
CO2 compensated
Until we have found a way of zero-emission together with our transport providers, we climate compensate for all shipping. Yep, that means ALL NA‑KD shipping. From the factory, to warehouse, to the pick up point, and last mile home to you. Even returns! Read more here.
Staying on the ground
We admit, we're scared of flying. We are working hard to reduce air freight to a minimum, since it’s not a sustainable mode of transportation. Instead, the majority of our inbound shipping is by sea or land, with far lower carbon emissions.
Shelves buzzing with energy
Our new warehouse in Landskrona almost runs itself. Hundreds of robots take care of logistics, and the roof is covered with solar panels for generating its own electricity.
Solar panels on roof at dusk
Self Powered
with solar panel roof that
generates over 30 % of all
electricity needed at site
Smart electricity use
with automatic lights, only lit when
someone is around
Fans in warehouse
Smart climate control
by recirculating heat from the
exhaust air
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