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Unforgettable 90s Fashion Trends We’re Seeing In 2023


May 22, 2023  • Updated August 31, 2023

The 1980s was flashy and elaborate; 90s fashion, by contrast, saw a return to a more minimalistic fashion. 90s style clothing was defined by elements that made the look stand out and were more carefree. While not all 90s clothes have transitioned to current fashion, some, like crop tops, cargo pants, slip dresses, ripped jeans and baguette bags, are found all over social media.

To create 90s outfits for modern women, don’t be afraid to mix and match clothing to achieve the grunge look popular in 90s fashion. Pair ripped jeans, plaid shirts—preferable over a graphic tee—and chunky boots for a laid-back, slightly rebellious style. Take a look at the great 90s fashion and how some of the 90s clothes and accessories, along with Y2K fashion, are coming back with a modern twist.


Crop Tops - Adding A Bit Of Sass


Everyone can expose their midriff with a crop top and have been doing it since they became a major 90s look. We have celebs and A-listers to thank for this iconic female 90s fashion piece. Worn on the red carpet and rocked at concerts, it never really goes out of fashion, so make sure you have this nineties fashion piece in your wardrobe.


How To Wear Crop Tops In 2023


  • Pair with various skirts, flared, peplum, pencil, denim or lehengas
  • Add them to high-waisted jeans, shorts, skorts, trousers and cargo pants
  • Wear them under a jacket or blazer for an on-trend style
  • In a matched two-piece set with maxi skirts or pants
  • Choose high-necked versions for an athletic vibe


You can find today’s crop tops in different lengths and styles to suit any occasion, from sheer crop tops to metallics, crochet and logo print designs.

Cargo Pants - From 90s Fashion To 2023 Glam 


These wearable, comfortable trousers, first designed in 1938 for the British army, hit the catwalks as 90s fashion for women. Worn by R&B artists, cargo pants quickly became a popular, unisex high-street fashion piece.


Wear these multi-pocketed 90s fashion in 2023 to be on-trend. Using materials such as velvet, silk, organza and satin has updated the casual look to a more sophisticated one. However, these 1990 fashion pants are also a great day-to-day wardrobe staple. As seen on social media, these versatile pants are popular with celebrities. Today’s cargo pants have evolved slightly differently than the 90s look with:


  • More tailored silhouettes
  • Different and intriguing pocket placement
  • More colours than the 90s fashion use of olive and khaki

Slip Dresses - A Wardrobe Essential From The 90s 


Social media is already telling us that slinky slip dresses are the trend for 2023. Elegant, stylish and fun to wear, slip dresses hit the 90s fashion scene hard. Celebs and supermodels loved them, including wearing a sheer one that remains one of the unforgettable 90s fashion trend iconic dresses. Sheer slip dresses are now firmly back in style, with influencers stepping out looking glam. These dresses can be flirty, sexy and even a little demure.


You can wear your slip dress short, long, layered, and made of satin, chainmail, silk or velvet to feel great and look great. Don’t forget to pair it with another 90s fashion icon, the baguette bag. As for shoes, choose boots that go under the hem or a pair of chic mules. If you want the 90s going out vibe, add some minimalistic strappy sandals.

Baguette Bags - The Must-Have Accessory


In 90s fashion, women would not be seen without baguette bags. The design is meant to replicate how French women carried the long French loaf, the baguette! Immortalised by the popular 90s TV show, Sex & the City, the bag has history, and once again, another nineties fashion icon transitions to current fashion.


The baguette bag is a small yet practical tote, immediately recognisable by its rectangular shape. It usually has a strap that you can wear over the shoulder or hand-hold. From bright colours to patterns, leather to faux fur, the baguette bag is popular once again.

Denim Jeans - How To Rock The 90s Look


90s fashion straddled the line between being functional and expressive. Nothing equates more to that decade than denim jeans, loved by Hip Hop fans, skateboarders and breakdancers alike. From stars to mums, everyone had a pair of denim jeans. They could be straight-legged, wide-legged, slouchy or ripped, but all with long legs. Today, these nostalgic styles are back with a modern twist. 

Tips On How To Style Denim Jeans


  • Lose the cropped jeans, stretch or slimline, and go more for the retro vibe of 90s fashion high-waisted jeans.
  • Pair these longer-leg jeans with a modern top, sparkly earrings and a bag, and you’ll have your 90s party outfit.
  • Combine your 90s fashion jeans with high-top trainers, add an oversized blazer and plain or animal print tee and rock the 90s nostalgic look.
  • Grab your slouchy jeans and jumper, roll up the bottoms and add some edgy court shoes, an oversized coat and a baguette bag to finish the look.
  • A simple day-to-night look can be created when you pair wide-leg denim jeans with pointed-toe, heeled boots, tank, blazer and neckerchief.

Find Fun & Style in Revisiting 90s Fashion


For some, the 90s was a golden era, the decade before cell phones and the internet took over. But thanks to them, we can still revisit early and late 90s fashion, 80’s fashion and 00 fashion at NA-KD. Don’t forget some of the other 90s fashion trends that might work for you today, like leather jackets, velvet outfits, tie-dyes, ripped jeans and lots of sparkles. Then there’s the 90s look that loves plaid in long and mini skirts as well as oversized shirts to wear over tees. Plus, your must-have accessories like tinted sunglasses, scrunchies, bandanas and bucket hats!

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