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Our brand commitments

This week we are celebrating our fifth birthday. And it has been the perfect time to not only look back on the things we are proud of, but also on what we can do better in the future.

Because having a community of 4 million amazing followers and 3.5 million customers, we have a responsibility to be a force for good in the world. That’s our ambition. Therefore, we are proud to release our brand commitments today. Three guiding principles, with clear actions, to help us become an even better NA-KD.

We have always been an ambitious company and our commitments are no different. We know that most of these won’t happen overnight. It is a journey. But it is a journey that we are more than happy to make. For the sake of our customers, our employees and the world at large.

Read more about our commitments below and be sure to check in often. We intend to share our progress in a very transparent way, so regular updates will follow.


  1. We will be a champion for diversity and female empowerment in fashion
  2. We will support the wellbeing and mental health needs of our staff and community
  3. We will protect the planet for future generations

We will be a champion for diversity and female empowerment in fashion

Things we will commit to:

  • Set and publish Diversity & Inclusion goals to create a workforce that is more representative to people of all backgrounds.
  • Provide continuous unconscious bias training for all staff and management.
  • Strive for equal representation of women, men and non-binary people at all levels.
  • Increase our pool of Black, Asia and minority ethnic (BAME) content creators and creatives to create truly inclusive campaigns.
  • Continue to cast BAME models, ensuring everyone can see their own skin tone celebrated on our website and in our marketing campaigns.
  • Continue to increase our inclusive sizing range to make sure that NA-KD fashion truly is for all.
  • Continue to develop inclusive beauty products, including shades and formulas that meet the diverse needs of our BAME customers.
  • Invest 2.5M Euro into female-founded fashion, lifestyle and beauty businesses over the next 2 years.
  • Support external organizations and nonprofits that champion diversity.
  • Launch a Creators’ Council, consisting of a diverse group of talent, to get an outside perspective on important issues.

We will support the wellbeing and mental health needs of our staff and community

Things we will commit to:

  • Create a fundraising programme to support mental health organisations and nonprofits.
  • Create content that reflects this important issue to help educate, support and empower our customers.
  • Investigate the effects of the pandemic through extensive research, which will then be used to decide which actions will support our community the best.
  • Continue to build a culture that encourages our employees to share their voices and constantly engage in dialogue through conversation series, town halls, and one-on-one talks between leaders and employees.
  • Do regular, anonymous pulse surveys to understand how our employees are feeling and get their feedback on how the listening efforts are working.

We will protect the planet for future generations

Things we will commit to:

  • Reduce our emissions and set bold climate reduction targets in line with the 1.5°C pathway. What we haven’t been able to reduce by 2025, we will offset to become climate neutral.
  • Ensure that all our products are made more sustainably by 2025 – both in terms of materials and how they are produced.
  • Be more transparent by starting to show factory info on our website in 2021, and reach full supply chain transparency for 80% of our production by 2025.
  • Launch a service for pre-owned fashion in 2021 to help our customers prolong the life of their clothes.

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