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8 Best Fall & Winter Coat Trends 2023/2024


September 5, 2023

Before the inevitable cooler weather becomes a daily norm, our thoughts are sure to turn to the winter coat trends for 2023/2024. We need a barrier against our Northern Hemisphere weather, and we also want that warmth in style! The winter coat you choose will be the element that ties together your look. Whatever event you’re attending, be it a formal dinner, casual brunch with friends, or just heading out to walk the dog, your winter coat can make a fashion statement. It needs to be bold, on-trend and, of course, keep you cosy and dry.


On the runways, a variety of exciting styles, both directional and functional, are making up the winter coat trends of 2023/2024. Timeless and neutral classics with a twist, plus fresh new designs, both of which will become wardrobe staples for many seasons. Get ready to check out our top fall and winter coat trends for 2023/2024!

1. Biker Jackets - A Classic Wardrobe Staple 

Donning a biker jacket adds an edge to your look with an easy streetwear vibe. Vegan leather has been popular on the runways throughout the year, so it’s not surprising it’s become part of the fall and winter coat trends for 2023/2024. However, unlike the traditional black biker jackets with lapel collars, this winter's biker jackets continue with dopamine styling that found its momentum in 2023. Colour blocks with bright hues and straight zips with mandarin collars all have a feel-good, mood-boosting vibe that shakes off the grey of winter. Look out for the distressed, vintage look and embroidered biker jackets for a more feminine feel in the winter coat trends 2023/2024.

2. Back On Trend Again -The Ever-Popular Aviator Jacket

Need a bit more warmth than a biker jacket provides but want to keep the styling? Then look at one of the top winter coat trends of 23/24, the aviator jacket. Lined with sherpa, they’re both warm and stylish. Try pairing it with the classic jeans, t-shirt and boots outfit. If you want a more feminine vibe, wear it with a pleated skirt, tights and boots. These jackets are naturally oversized and perfect for layering.

3. 2-in-1 Wool Coats With Scarves Attached

No one wants their stylish layering to look frumpy, which can be something of a problem when it's freezing out there. Our keep-warm accessories can leave us looking like an overstuffed ragdoll. However, winter coat trends in 2023/2024 bring cleverly designed coats with built-in scarves, from short to midi lengths and in an array of colours. You can wear these versatile, cosy coats casually over jeans and sneakers or ballerina pumps. This outerwear is a style statement on its own and looks fabulous over long boots or with heels.

4. The Must-Have Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is a must for everyone's wardrobe. Versatile and chic, with a feminine silhouette, it’s a great transitional coat. You can find some excellent choices in the fall and winter coat trends for 2023/2024. The popularity of leather and faux leather continues with fabulous trench coats in this material. The fashion is still traditional, with double-breasted designs, including storm flaps. Muted colours and oversized designs are on trend - fashionable and easy to layer. 

5. Warm & Cosy Quilted Shell Coats

These coats have stood the test of time for keeping us warm and dry in winter. Full-length or short, these puffer coats are weather-resistant and perfect for any occasion, especially when it’s cold, wet or snowing. When you want more of a minimalistic presentation, choose to wear a single colour with matching boots. Chocolate brown is a fabulous on-trend shade for 23/24.

6. Wool Coats - Forever Elegant

Fed up with the grey days of fall and winter? Then, add a wool or wool blend coat to your wardrobe. These staple fashion pieces appear in the winter coat trends for 2023/2024 and are available in mood-lifting colours. Wool coats are extremely versatile and an ongoing trend. As one of the best insulating materials, wool is the perfect choice for your winter coat. Having that extra layer over your outfit can help keep you snug—a worthy investment given our long, cold months. 


These coats come in many styles, including:

  • Column or straight style
  • Collarless - classy and timeless
  • Peacoat - sharp, short and tailored with a classic silhouette 
  • Double-breasted - accentuates and elongates your figure
  • Single-breasted - comfortable and stylish
  • Women's duffle coats
  • Belted coats - add definition to your silhouette
  • Fitted coats - oversized styles are a popular winter coat trend 23/24
  • Wrap wool coats - easy to wear with any outfit

The fall and winter coat trends 2023/2024 display an array of these beautiful wool coats in elegant neutrals and bold hues. Black creates a great silhouette for a versatile, sleek look, and a waterfall style adds instant sophistication. Tailored to maintain a stylish appearance, you can instantly dress a wool coat up or down.

7. Camel Coats - A Wardrobe Hero

A camel coat is a versatile go-to choice you can find in various styles. There’s a feel-good factor to wearing one of these perennially stylish coats. They add a chic touch to the jeans and sweater combo, or you can wear them over your office suit. It’s a great way to feel stylish and warm during the winter months.

8. Fluffy, Soft Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur in a range of colours and short to long styles is a feature of the fall and winter coat trends 2023/2024. Fun to wear, lightweight and blissfully warm, they’re a must-have. Winter coat trends this season provide a variety of great style choices. From a classic long faux fur coat to an on-trend animal print design, they’re all delicious. In addition, they have that fabulous tactile feel, from fluffy teddy coats to silkier faux fur coats.

Don't Forget To Accessorise

Keeping warm and remaining fashionable only sometimes go hand-in-hand. However, check out the collection of padded and fluffy scarves, beanies, buckets and baker boy style hats when looking at our NA-KD winter coat trends for 2023/2024. Staying stylish is easy. You can find structured trench coats and faux fur coats, then add a pop of colour to brighten up the dull days.

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