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Below are the terms and conditions which apply to collaborations (“Influencer collaborations”) between NA-KD and individuals that promote NA-KD products on their social media channels (“Influencer”). The Influencer has accepted these terms and conditions by email and/or by promoting NA-KD products on their social media channels according to NA-KD and the Influencers agreement.

  • NA-KD or the influencer has the right to terminate the Influencer collaboration at any time with a written notice.
  • It is the influencer’s responsibility to defray any tax required by national legislation in their country of residence.

The social media posts or content promoting NA-KD’s products or brand shall not:

  • Encourage dangerous behaviour or breaches of ordinary safety norms.
  • Play on social insecurity, a bad conscience or poor self-confidence.
  • Employ frightening means that are likely to cause fear or anxiety.

Influencers shall:

  • Always include the name of our NA-KD (@nakdfashion).
  • Always clearly place a disclosure of advertising at the start of the caption or title.
  • Not use hashtags in their content.

Acceptable forms of advertising disclosure:

  • "Advertisement with NA-KD"
  • "Marketing with NA-KD"
  • "Commercial promotion with NA-KD"

Forms of advertising disclosure that are not acceptable:

  • Ambiguous terms such as “collaboration” or “#Ambassador”, “#Partner”, “#Spons”, “#Promo” or “#Brand”.

Other Considerations

  • If influencers reshare sponsored content on other of their social media channels, they need to include a disclosure on those channels as well – regardless if repost is included in the original deal or not.
  • If the sponsored content is in the local language, the disclosure must be in the local language.
  • If possible, and in addition to all above, use the “paid partnership” feature on Instagram or Facebook.
  • The Influencer remains responsible for its social media content. NA-KD cannot be held liable for the content of any paid posts, any advertising statements or promotional claims made by the Influencer or the Influencer’s failure to disclose their sponsored relationship to its followers and social network.
  • By approving NA-KD as a paid partner on Instagram the Influencer authorise NA-KD to boost the Influencers content.
  • The Influencer receives NA-KD products for the purpose of the Influencer collaboration in order to create content.
  • Content created by influencers in partnership with NA-KD may be used on

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