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Certified Sustainable Fibers All NA-KD Reborn collections are made from 100% certified sustainable fibers like: organic cotton, recycled cotton or recycled polyester.
Organic Cotton Organic cotton is grown without any pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. This makes it less harmful for the environment and the farmers. All organic cotton we buy is certified from independent, accredited agencies
Recycled Cotton Recycled cotton is made from waste from factory scraps, like material that gets leftover in the production cycle, or textiles that people have recycled themselves. All recycled cotton we buy is certified from independent, accredited agencies.
Recycled Polyester Recycled polyester is made from plastic that factories or people have recycled. This can be anything from PET plastic bottles to nylon fishing nets. Recycled polyester is more sustainable because it requires fewer processing stages, which means using less energy. All recycled polyester we buy is certified from independent, accredited agencies.
Lyocell Lyocell is made from wood pulp from fast-growing tree types like eucalyptus.
Packaging Being a brand with over a million customers all over the world, we send a lot of orders every day. Quality packaging is important to make sure that you get your clothes in perfect condition. But we also want to make as little impact on the environment as possible. This is how we’re trying to do that.
Plastic packaging All plastic packaging for NA-KD Reborn products is made from 100% recycled plastic with an added Biodegradable Organic Polymer (BDP™). This helps to break down the plastic faster if thrown in landfill. Instead of 500 years, it only takes a few years. Our long-term goal is to use BDP in all our plastic packaging.
Hang tags Since 2019, the majority of our own collections have hang tags made from FSC certified recycled paper.
Labels All our neck and care labels are made from recycled polyester.
Animal welfare It is important for us to show compassion in our fashion. That’s why we have decided to not sell products that harm animals in any way. Period.
Fur We don’t sell any products with real fur. Not now. Not ever. To prove this, we’re an official member of the Fur Free Retailer Program.
Feathers & Down We don’t sell any products with down or real feathers.
Leather We rarely sell products made of real leather. But on the rare occasions that we do - we only use leather that’s a bi-product from the meat industry. This means that we use leather that would otherwise be wasted.
We never use the skin from exotic animals like lizards, alligators, snakes or crocodiles.
Wool We only use wool from animals that have been treated ethically. Our policy is to only use mulesing-free wool.

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    Please use these size charts to help determine your size. Please note that these charts are indicative only. Sizes and measurements may vary to actual item. Please email us if you need the fit of a particular item.  

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