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8 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Know in 2023/2024


July 24, 2023  • Updated September 4, 2023

The autumn and winter fashion trends for 2023/2024 are making everyone happy. The reason is simple. Wearability is the key, and also transitioning some of the trends we know and love into fresh styles for this winter. Alongside old favourites, there’s a movement to acknowledge fashion from the 80s, 90s and 00s and to recycle and reuse loved classic outfits. 


If you’re considering winter and autumn fashion trends, we have eight suggestions. They’re taken from the autumn/winter fashion trends of 2023/2024 seen on the runways to help you find your autumn-into-winter fashion styles.

Must-Know Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Fashion Trends

1. Leggings Remain Fashionable

The good news for most women is that their favourite leggings continue to be fashionable, carrying into the autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024. This season’s leggings remain gym wear but also offer much more - from stylish streetwear to date nights. Enjoy wearing them with yet another autumn fashion trend of oversized knits or cardigans. Or, how about another returning favourite, a turtleneck sweater?


Faux & Leather Leggings - these high-waisted, comfortable leggings are a great staple for your fall capsule wardrobe 2023, which you can easily dress up or down.


Capri Leggings - a nod to 80s fashion, high-waisted capri leggings are another practical athleisure garment. Check out the flared, cropped leggings for evening wear.


Nude Leggings - wear them with anything! These versatile high-waisted leggings also come as a flared bootcut, wearable for work or going out on the town.


Slit-Front Leggings - a new style in the autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024. These are a great way to show off your footwear.

2. Tailored Styles Take You From Autumn To Winter Fashion

Autumn fashion trends are all about Vivienne Westwood’s quote, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.” The autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024 point the way for us to start wearing timeless and classic outfits. A global pandemic and struggling economy have signalled a return to a more functional and refined wardrobe with ongoing appeal. 


Autumn fashion trends will see fabrics that produce subtle and sleek styling. Can you wear linen in winter? You certainly can, think layers! Choose from power suits with dresses, trousers or shorts and pair tailored pants with a classic knit. Add a silk or satin cami to a pencil skirt for an office-to-evening outfit.


Autumn and winter fashion trends of 23/24 are all about what women want to wear that’s sustainable, fashionable and comfortable. The “less is more” approach is seen in the focus on wardrobe basics, clothes that will endure whatever the season. If you want to add an essential to your wardrobe for autumn and winter 2023/2024, then you can’t go wrong with a tailored black coat that you can wear for many years to come.

3. Something Red Is À La Mode

If you don’t have a red outfit in your wardrobe, it’s time to change that. Are you looking for a trendy women’s autumn outfit? Then look for your favourite type of coats, blazer dress or pants, in fiery red. This chromatic and sensual colour will carry you through autumn into your winter look. 


Go full on with everything in red, or add a quick flash of colour with a handbag, shoes or big shawl - another of the autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024. Whether you love old-time glamour, prefer punk styling or want an on-trend disco outfit, red is your go-to colour.

4. Be A Femme Fatale In Black

The little black dress remains a fashion statement for autumn and trending winter outfits in mini, midi and maxi styles. All black is on trend, along with chromatic colours. 

Adding a bow makes a statement and can help you update many of your outfits for a new autumn look. Create a more romantic feel by adding a touch of Victoriana, like a rosette-style necklace, lace, or even a collar.

5. Bows To Update Your Autumn Look

Add a bow to the shoulder of your dress or top, at the back, side or front. You can even hitch up your dress hem using a small or medium bow. However, the fashion for autumn in bows is to go big. For colour, go with the same as the outfit or a contrast; remember, red is very on trend now.

6. Barely There Autumn & Winter Fashion Trends Of 2023/2024

The ‘less is more’ aesthetic continues to trend despite autumn and winter getting colder. From shirred melody briefs to boyshorts and sports shorts, legs are on show this winter. Maybe go total fashionista and pair them over the top of tights for the evening. 


More of an autumn style than for the dead of winter, sheer clothing is another move from the summer and spring fashion trends to an autumn and winter look. You can wear different types of blouses, tops and mesh or lace dresses, with minimum underwear. Decorative and barely there bras are also appearing under these sheer outfits.

7. Beloved Jeans On Trend For Autumn & Winter Fashion

Denim remains part of the autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024 in several timeless styles:


  • Skinny, mom jeans & flared denims 
  • Cargo jeans 
  • Ripped and distressed jeans
  • Wide-leg jeans
  • Vintage washed denim
  • Maxi denim skirts
  • Upcycled jeans
  • Denim jackets - cropped and lined with cosy fur
  • Denim blazers - oversized
  • Denim corsets 

8. Must-Have Accessories 

The right accessories can complete an outfit reflecting the autumn and winter fashion trend for 2023/2024. Accessories are essential to any ensemble as they often provide functionality, versatility and style. 

Statement Earrings

Make a bold statement by wearing oversized earrings in eye-catching geometric designs, often multi-coloured. Not only do statement earrings add a touch of glamour, they serve as a focal point, bringing the eye to the face and reflecting your style. They’re an accessory you should include to complement the autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024.


The on-trend fashions for autumn and winter are for sophisticated structured handbags with clean lines and well-designed shapes. With their timeless appeal, choose shades that include autumnal and classic neutral colour palettes. Look for functional bags with plenty of storage space and reliable handles.

Oversized Scarfs

Chunky knits in colourful patterns and eye-catching designs are essential for autumn and winter fashion. Not only do they keep you warm, they provide a cosy, chic and sophisticated fashion-forward statement.


Chunky boots in various colours, knee boots and over-the-knee boots are all part of the autumn and winter fashion trend of 2023/2024. They tick all the boxes by being stylish, comfortable and functional whatever the weather throws at you. 

What’s Your Favourite Autumn/Winter Fashion Trend of 2023/2024?

You can find the exciting autumn and winter fashion trends of 2023/2024 among NA-KDs collections. Visit us to find the outfits and accessories that complement your personal style.

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