Näyttää siltä, että käytät vanhaa selainta. Sivuston toiminnot eivät toimi ehkä optimaalisesti.
A straight leg jean is the more laid-back alternative to the skinny jean. A wardrobe staple and an all-time classic. Straight denim can come either high, low, or mid-waisted, and should fit snugly around the waist, with a straight cut that goes all the way down to the ankle. Shop
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Denim with a wide leg is often the best comprise between both comfort and elegance. The wide style carefully sculpts your mid-section and creates a smooth and sophisticated A-shape to your silhouette. The wide jean often comes in a high or mid-rise waist. Shop
The flare jean is the perfect in-between denim that adds a chic and dynamic touch to your look. Starting tight across the waist, the slim leg flares out just below the knee, giving you a flattering leg-lengthening shape. Shop

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