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Second-hand available
Blue Wide Long Suit Pants
Romee Strijd x NA-KD
USD 63.95
2 Colors
Beige Loose Fit Cargo Pants
USD 80.95
2 Colors
White Pleated Elastic Waist Pants
USD 69.95
4 Colors
Grey Back Slit Suit Pants
USD 67.95
3 Colors
Red/Orange High Waisted Pants
USD 76.95
4 Colors
Sand Wavy Seamline Suit Pants
USD 83.95
1 Color
White Recycled Detailed Ankle Length Suit Pants
2 Colors
Green Print Satin Suit Pants
NA-KD Party
USD 69.95
2 Colors
Brown Slim-fit Super Stretch Slit Pants
USD 45.95
4 Colors
Dark Beige Long Sports Leggings
Josefine HJ x NA-KD
USD 50.95
3 Colors
Pink Fine Knit Wide Pants
USD 55.95
1 Color
Second-hand available
Black Front Slit Jersey Pants
USD 54.95
3 Colors
Nougat Ribbed Knitted Trousers
USD 55.95
3 Colors
Chocolate Straight Suit Pants
Claire Rose x NA-KD
USD 69.95
1 Color
Grey Recycled Tailored Suit Pants
USD 63.95
6 Colors
Blue Wavy Pants
NA-KD Trend
USD 57.95
2 Colors
Blue Pleated Wide Leg Pants
USD 55.95
3 Colors
Black Heavy High Waist Suit Pants
USD 69.95
3 Colors

Trousers for Women

A pair of trousers can be the best way to really elevate an outfit. But they can also help to give you a comfortable, casual vibe as well. However, the way you look and feel in a pair of women's trousers really depends on the type of pants that you get. Happily, here at NA-KD, we have an enormous range of different trousers and pants designed to meet your every need.

Whether you need to look chic and classy for work, or whether you want to be cool and casual at home, we've got something that will meet your needs. So, get ready to look at our massive selection of women's trousers and shop your heart out!

Workplace chic

One of the places a good pair of pants is always a necessity is in the workplace. To that end, we have an exceptional range of smart trousers just for you. If you're looking for that elegant office look, then take a look at our straight trousers. These come in a range of different colours including black, brown and beige. All of them are made from comfortable materials designed to keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Not a fan of the straight leg? Then we have office trousers with a slight flare too. Some of these even come with split front trousers so that you can wear your favourite pair of heels with them too. Depending on the look you're going for, our flare pants have gentle flares or even go wider for a full leg flare for some throwback 80s vibes.

High waist trousers to maximise curves

The waist line of women's trousers has definitely fluctuated over the years. At the moment though, we love a great pair of high waisted trousers. There's nothing so comfortable as a nice high waist flare pant to show off your legs and bring in your waist. Better still, these trousers are always comfortable, especially when you have to sit down for long hours.

Our high waist pants come in a wide variety of different colours too, so that you can make sure you match them to the rest of your outfit. You can also grab wide leg, pant suit and loose pants, all with that super comfy high waist.

Choosing the best women's trousers for you

As well as a range of styles, our women's trousers also come in a variety of different colours. For a more formal look, opt for brown or beige pants. Alternatively, you can go for some chequered pants, black suit pants or other smart patterned options.

Looking for something more fun? Then grab a pair of our elasticated joggers to stay comfortable at home. If you're still planning on heading out, look at our green, blue and white trousers for a little more colour.

  • Soft jersey or knit pants are great for staying in
  • Cotton or vinyl straight leg trousers make perfect office wear
  • Oversized black pants or wide leg for some casual chic
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