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White Shoes

White Crossed Toe Strap Heels
Crossed Toe Strap Heels USD 69.99
NA-KD Shoes
2 Colors
White Woven Ballerinas
Woven Ballerinas USD 59.99
3 Colors
Transparent Transparent Bow Detail Pumps
Transparent Bow Detail Pumps USD 69.99
NA-KD Shoes
1 Color
Transparent Clear Cross Strap Heels
Clear Cross Strap Heels USD 69.99
NA-KD Shoes
1 Color
White/Navy/Red Trailblazer Wedge Wmn Sneaker
Real leather
Premium quality
Trailblazer Wedge Wmn Sneaker USD 59.39USD 164.99
1 Color

White Shoes

Let's get real for a second. White shoes are one of the classiest and most universal options available. But they can also be one of the most tricky. Life is messy, and white can be difficult to keep clean. And this is where shoes in offwhite come into play, providing an option for those who fear bright white.

Caring for Your White Shoes

If you want your shoes as white as you possible, there are some tips and tricks that can help. Carry a pack of wet wipes in your handbag, enabling you to give your shoes a once over before a mark can settle. The second tip is to be proactive with your white shoes, and utilising products that help protect them.

White or Offwhite

While white is a great colour choice for your shoe collection, some women would prefer a more versatile option. Opposite white shoes sits offwhite shoes, a colour choice that is much easier to wear. These shoes tend to have a well-loved look about them and generally require much less care and attention.

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