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What To Wear With White Jeans In Every Season


September 5, 2023

Crisp white denim jeans have a fresh, optimistic vibe that perfectly matches summer. But they've become an unexpected failsafe for cooler months, too. A year-round item, you can style them in any number of different ways and make a fabulous change to regular blue jeans. Whether you love mom jeans, boyfriend style, straight-leg, skinny or flares, white denim has a cool effect that immediately makes your outfit pop.


They might be high-maintenance when walking the dog or eating spaghetti, but don't let that put you off. A quintessential choice, you can wear them all year with their neutral colour palette. 


White jeans make a perfect outfit base during the colder months, and you can't beat them for practicality and style. To demonstrate what we mean, we've rounded up our favourite ideas for what to wear with white jeans in every season.

What Goes With White Jeans - 5 Ideas For Spring & Summer 

Springtime and sunny summer weather cry out for white jeans. There can still be showers and a chill in the air, so pants are a perfect outfit option. White denim pairs beautifully with the pastel hues of spring and the bright colours of summertime. What to wear with white jeans? Dress them with sneakers and a tee, or style them with a silk button-down blouse and heeled wedges.


  1. A classic spring/summer combination is the eye-catching duo of black and white. It's easy to assemble from your wardrobe and looks fabulous whatever the event. There is no need to stress about what to wear with white jeans when you can pull on your favourite top. Try black tees, tanks, shirts or boho blouses, and they'll all pair perfectly for a timeless, relaxed look. 
  1. When in doubt about what goes with white jeans, add some summery stripes. It's a striking and effortless combination with a little preppy vibe. For a slightly nautical feel, go for a colourful shirt dress with distressed denim jeans or plain blue and white stripes. A simple striped tee, or a bandeau top when the sun's shining down, always looks stunning. 


  1. During spring and summer, white jeans in any design are the ideal canvas for Y2K fashion. All those cute crochet tops, crops and cutouts make a bold statement, as do the strappy designs and popcorn tops. If you want to nail what to wear with white jeans for a throwback vintage aesthetic, add a leather blazer over your shoulders and a crossbody mini purse.
  1. White jeans are also a perfect backdrop for the bold colours that come with warmer months. Whether they're high-waisted, knee-length or shorts, topping them with a bright colour will accentuate your silhouette. What to wear with white jeans for a vibrant look? Don't be afraid to embrace this season's new neon shades, tie-dies, florals, bright prints and bold patterns! 


  1. For a sophisticated look for spring or summer, when you're wondering what goes with your white jeans, you can't go wrong with an all-white outfit. A monochromatic look is a statement and opens the fashion door to white linen vests, cotton tops and crisp button-up shirts. It can also provide an excellent backdrop for statement pieces and accent-coloured add-ons.

What Goes With White Jeans - 5 Ideas For Autumn & Winter

Wearing white is often forgotten during the cooler months, but white jeans are winter-friendly. They're a great way to stay warm without sacrificing style, and there's no reason you can't rock them in December. So what to wear with white jeans is simple. Go for neutral tops and add layers; you'll get years of enjoyment from your favourite pair.


  1. The best way to get the most wear from your white jeans in autumn and winter is, of course, by layering. You don't have to think twice about what to wear with white skinny jeans - they look fabulous with any soft, oversized top. Alternatively, you can layer up with long-sleeved tees, cosy cardigans, boho crochet and trench coats to achieve whatever street vibe you want.


  1. What goes with white jeans for the ultimate autumn look? It has to be the sensational duo of sweaters and boots. Nothing looks more relaxed and chic than crisp jeans with a tactile slouchy jumper. Finish your outfits with leather boots, belts and bags for perfect cold-weather combinations. They'll take you from morning to evening in an on-trend style. 
  1. When choosing the colour palette for what to wear with white jeans, nothing looks more stylish than warm autumnal browns. Mixing and layering muted biscuit browns with a camel coat looks fabulous. Of course, you can also opt for winter shades and timeless grey or navy tones. Try pairing your jeans with pastels like dusky rose or lilac for a fresh fashion take.
  1. The biggest advantage of white denim jeans is that it's easier to dress up the look than blue jeans. When choosing what to wear with white jeans for an evening out, you can be as bold as you want. Pick your favourite frilly blouse or sweater silhouette and pair them with heels. Add a belted, wrap or pea coat for extra warmth, and you're ready for fun in any weather. 


  1. White jeans are incredibly versatile, and mixing patterns is a fun way to add personality to your outfit. It's a look that's easy to pull off by choosing a toning base and layering a subtle print. Try a neutral sweater with a plaid blazer or coat when deciding what goes with your white jeans. Then, coordinate your accessories with one of the colours in your chosen print.

What Goes With White Jeans - How To Accessorise Your Outfits

Accessories are the icing on the cake when planning what to wear with white jeans. They're a great way to express yourself and a great place to add a colour pop. Whatever you choose, from a red scarf to crocodile boots, make it an adventure!


  • Jewellery can add warmth to any cold weather look, so you can always wear a favourite statement piece. But for a classic, minimalist style, go for gold earrings and necklaces with a chunky chain for your crossbody bag. 
  • Swap out flats for knee-high or ankle boots when choosing what shoes to wear with white jeans. Neutral footwear works perfectly, but if you want to add colourful shoes, think gold, blue, fuchsia, or your favourite shade. 
  • Bags and belts can also be bold or neutral. Earthy browns and natural shades will always team with white jeans, but there's nothing wrong with having fun. Match them with your footwear to pull the whole outfit together.
  • Scarves, hats, shawls or gloves are usually additional essentials for cooler months. You can pair them with your top or keep your outfit monochrome for a stylish finish. Layer up enough, and you might not even need a coat!


Finishing touches make all the difference when deciding what to wear with white jeans. Consider the latest trends like oversized bags, big buckles and raffia accessories. You'll find all the inspiration you need here at NA-KD.

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