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What To Wear With Black Jeans In 2023/2024


September 5, 2023

Black jeans are among the top staples for all women. Why? They are trans-seasonal and worn casually or smartly. Plus, there are many styles to choose from, and when thinking about what to wear with black jeans, they make life easy as you can pair them with almost any top. However, our seven-part guide to what goes with black jeans for women will assist you in pairing smart, sharp and on-trend outfits for every occasion.

1. What To Wear With Black Jeans - Creating A Casual Look

Are you wondering what to wear with black jeans for a casual outing? Try pairing slim-fitting jeans with sneakers and a trench coat, perfect for the autumn weather. A long tank top or a classic T-shirt also works well when considering what to wear with skinny black jeans. 


Another option when you want to know what to wear with black jeans for a casual vibe is to add blue denim into the mix. Double denim, in this case, a denim jacket or shirt over a T-shirt or crop top, works well with every style of black jeans, creating an effortlessly chic vibe. Throw on your sneakers, converse or black loafers, and you’re ready for anything from going out to lunch to a walk in the park. 

As for what goes with black jeans colour-wise? White is always a classy winner, but you could go for statement colours like neons or very on-trend metallics. This season, chocolate brown is on-trend, and yes, it does look great with black jeans. Try layering brown tops with brown boots or shoes. Also, consider using animal print for shoes, bags or jackets with your black jeans for a more statement-making casual outfit.

2. What Goes With Highwaisted Black Jeans? 

High-waisted jeans, when styled correctly, help present a smooth silhouette. Follow these guidelines for what goes with black jeans with a couple of extra style points when your black jeans are the baggy or wide-leg style.


  • Wear a tucked-in top. Any style, from a lumberjack shirt to a long-sleeved T-shirt, will tuck in nicely. However, blousy tops with skinny, high-waisted black jeans, might create an unbalanced look.
  • Put on a crop top. Even in colder weather, this works for what to wear with black baggy jeans. Add a biker or aviator jacket for a strong street vibe and warmth. 
  • To display an hourglass silhouette, wear longer-length or standard-length blazers or jackets. You can also wear the shorter, boxier jackets if you want your waist to look wider—although this style can detract from the hourglass figure effect.
  • Pick the right footwear when planning what to wear with black jeans. Skinny high-waisted jeans look good with flats. Looser and flared styles look good with wedges and heels.

3. What To Wear With Black Jeans For Business

Black skinny or slim-fit jeans also dress up nicely for work. The classy combo of a shirt or blouse, blazer and high heels create an instant office-to-evening-out outfit. Add some chunky jewellery and swap your work bag for your favourite clutch. 


A button-down blouse or dress shirt is another answer to what to wear with black jeans for the office. You can go for less formal with a sporty button-up. For winter, pop on a knit sweater and let the collar peek out above the neckline for a sophisticated urban look. Choose a narrow belt with an elegant buckle to lift your look from casual to professional. Wearing a trench or longer-length coat will keep you warm, dry and smart.

4. What Goes With Black Jeans For An Edgier Look

Creating an edgy style is all about combining your clothes and accessories in an unconventional way that displays your difference. With black jeans as your base, you can add jewellery, bags and shoes to create a street vibe. Leather and faux leather are on trend and give an edge to any black jean outfit. 


A monochrome look is popular and one of the best looks for what to wear with black jeans. A simple black vest or the slightly warmer turtleneck sweater with a black jacket gives your look just the right amount of edge. At the same time, a monochromatic black shirt and jeans pairing adds a subtle contemporary edge.


Of course, the popular turtleneck sweater comes in various colours, from solids to iridescent. Pop a bit of colour into your outfit by wearing mood-lifting dopamine colours that go with black jeans and a black jacket or coat. Keep accessories simple to keep your look focused.

5. What To Wear With Black Jeans For A Feminine Style

From ripped black jeans to high-waisted flares, adding a pastel top presents an easy feminine feel. The right subtle accessories for belts, jewellery, bags and shoes continue the feminine vibe. A half-tucked silk camisole, blouse or chiffon top, worn with a contrasting bra or crop top showing some skin, is also very on-trend. Throw on an oversized T-shirt or, if cool, an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt for a laid-back vibe and still feel feminine.


A fluffy, colourful faux fur or teddy coat keeps the feminine vibe going even when it’s cold.

6. What Goes With Black Jeans For An Evening Out

As we’ve seen, there’s a lot of choice for what goes with black jeans, and you can wear almost any style for most events and activities. You can also up the styling when considering what to wear with black jeans for an evening out, whether with the girls or on a date night. You can go elegant, classy, and feminine by wearing a chiffon or silk top tucked into your jeans. Remember to add a subtle belt, jewellery and some fabulous heels. Go for all-black for a monochrome look that’s classy, as well as a touch sexy, especially if you choose red lipstick.


Alternatively, go for bold, dramatic colours like berry reds, inky blues or burnt oranges. Another option is to wear a top in silver or gold or go for a metallic colour. Metallic tops offer countless possibilities, from cropped tops to one-sleeve or long-sleeved blouses and everything in between. These are all great statement pieces, so use simple items to accessorise and not distract from your top.

7. Try Black-Coated Jeans For A Stylish Change

Whatever top you choose will also work if you’re looking for what to wear with black-coated jeans. These jeans have a smooth, waxy finish that imitates the texture of leather. They’re flattering, comfortable and have a fashionable urban twist. 

Time To Start Experimenting With What Goes With Black Jeans

Use our guidelines to enjoy pairing your black jeans in a modern and on-trend way. You can also look at the NA-KD collections for some great choices in what to wear with your black jeans.

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