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7 Scarves to Keep You Warm in Fall & Winter 2023/2024


September 5, 2023

As the colder weather approaches, our thoughts turn to how to keep ourselves warm and still look fashionable. There are several options for keeping warm and toasty, from hats and boots to gloves and coats. But having the best scarves to wear is also essential. So, what are the runways and fashionistas telling us about the best scarves for women this winter? Along with most trends for this year’s fall and winter season, going big and bold is how to keep warm and look incredibly chic.


A scarf is about functionality and style. The best scarves to choose are the ones that do their job of keeping you warm but also take your outfit up a notch. There are multiple choices, from tactile cashmere to puffer scarves, that instantly update your look and make you feel fabulous. 

What Are The Best Scarves For Warmth?

Scarves can be made out of any material from lightweight cotton and chiffon perfect for summer or from warmer yarns that suit colder weather. Take a look at our curated list to find some of the best warm women’s scarves available and how to style them.

1. Warmest Materials

Wool and wool blends tend to be the warmest women’s scarves, and the thickness of the scarf can also dictate how warm it will be. Wool is a natural material commonly obtained from sheep, goats, bison, alpacas and yaks. Wool is biodegradable, reusable and has great thermal qualities. 

2. Giant Blanket Scarves 

These amazing scarves are so much fun and are some of the best scarves to wear. You can wear these independently as the weather cools down or style them as wraps around your winter coats. A blanket scarf is one of the best scarves to style in several different ways.


  • One of the easiest ways is to fold it in half and let each side fall down your body in even rectangles.
  • Another simple style to try is to fold your square blanket scarf into a triangle. Take the corners of the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Then take the tails and tuck them in until you form a longer triangle.
  • Try turning your best scarf into a cape. You can have fun with this idea, making long or short capes that look chic and cute.
  • Sophisticated and simple is to wear your scarf draped around your shoulders. Belt or secure it and leave the ends hanging down. Wear your coat over it for warmth, giving yourself a layered and tailored silhouette.

3. Cashmere Scarves

Cashmere is soft, silky and warm, as well as on-trend. Scarves can come in different colours and styles. Worn with a winter jacket or coat, you can drape it over one shoulder or tuck it into your coat. Other simple ways to style these warm women’s scarves include:


  • Draping it around your neck with the ends hanging down your back. Cross the tails and bring them back over your shoulders to hang loose.
  • Fold the scarf in two, then take the loop around the neck with the tails on the other side. Pull the tails through the loop, forming a knot. If your best scarf has a pattern, you can tweak the folds to show it off.
  • These warm women’s scarves can be plain or patterned in various colours. Bold, bright colour combos are on-trend. 
  • If you wear a smart coat and want a sharp, sophisticated look, add a pop of colour with a tartan scarf. Very on-trend and chic, wear it around your shoulders with the ends hanging evenly and freely at the front. 

4. Chunky Knit Scarves

From plain block colours to a combination of patterns, these are some of the best scarves for throwing on and going out. Warm and cosy, they create an instant upgrade to any outfit. These best scarves for women can be worn wrapped around your neck in layers or just once and left hanging down the front.


Or try the on-trend version of your best scarf by turning it into a hood:


  • From the front, take the scarf to the back of the neck, making a turtleneck with the two pieces hanging evenly at the front. 
  • Then take the right piece and wrap it over the top of the turtleneck and pull it through. 
  • Do the same with the left side.
  • Finally, pull the back of your scarf up and over your head, creating a warm hood.

5. Crochet Scarves

The best scarf for women this winter may be one your gran crocheted for you. This vintage style is made up of crochet squares and is very on trend this season. Nostalgic and colourful, these scarves are a perfect fit for a boho winter outfit. Wear them loosely around the neck, hanging down to show the crochet pattern.

6. Faux Fur Scarves

These are the best scarves for those who like to touch soft, fluffy and silky materials. They’re not only warm scarves for women, but they ooze sophistication. Drape it across one shoulder over your winter coat or jacket and fasten with a belt. Wear over an evening dress draped over one shoulder or layered over your coat or jacket. A contrasting colour draws attention to this beautiful item, and for Barbiecore lovers, these best scarves for women look great in pink!

7. Puffer Scarves

These are really the best scarves for cold, frosty days. Quilted down-filled wonders, they’re a must-have accessory for winter. These are not the delicate, dainty scarves of summer but the best warm women scarves as the cold weather hits. Easy to wear, they can be easily layered to keep your neck and shoulders warm. You can find puffer scarves in plain fabrics or luxury tactile ones like velvet. Maybe try a metallic vibe—very on trend now—in gold or silver, and don’t forget, the bigger, the better.

Final Say About The Best Scarves for Women This Winter

There are many cute and fashionable ways to wear your scarves this winter, and you can create so many different looks using your best scarf. Check out the best scarves for women here at NA-KD. You’ll find warm women’s scarves that can quickly take your outfits from dull to stylish and, of course, most importantly, keep you warm. 

We have three final points to consider when deciding how to wear your scarves.


  1. For a monochromatic casual and classy look, pair your scarf with a matching beanie.
  2. You can wear a scarf with almost everything, so play with patterns and colour with casual clothes and emphasise the texture for dressier outfits.
  3. There are no rules about how you wear your scarf or whether you let your ends fly loose or tuck them in. A bulkier coat usually works better with your ends tucked in, and display the whole scarf with a thinner coat.

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