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Women's Jeans

Without a doubt, jeans are one of the most enduring items of clothing. Everybody has a pair of jeans of some kind, even if they are hidden in the back of the wardrobe. The reason for this is that they are some of the most versatile items out there. They can be paired with a whole range of different tops, shoes and accessories. And, in doing so, you can change an outfit from a casual one to a nighttime stunner!

Here at NA-KD, we aim to meet all your jeans needs. To that end, we have a massive collection of different jeans styles, sizes and colours. So, get ready to take a look at our selection of jeans today.

High rise jeans for extra comfort

Over the years, the waistline of jeans has fluctuated dramatically. At one point, the waistline was so low it required matching your panties to the outfit! Thankfully, those days are behind us, and it's all about high-waisted jeans. If you're hesitant about making this change, high-waisted jeans are some of the most comfortable options out there. Better yet, they accentuate your waist and show off your hips all in one!

We have a collection of different style high-waisted jeans just for you. Why not look at our high-waisted straight leg jeans for a casual look. Grab a pair in indigo or pale blue, pair it with a simple white tee, and you've got yourself a classic summer look. Keep those straight legs but choose a pair with a side slit, match it with a PU black jacket and a pair of matching heels, and you're ready to hit the club. Yes, they're that versatile!

Keeping it casual with your jeans

Skinny jeans are all the rage these days, and we have to admit we love them too. These fashion jeans are made from super soft, stretchy material, so you won't feel constricted when wearing them. They are available in a range of different colours too, and include black, white and various different shades of blue.

If you're a boot gal, and many of us are, skinny jeans are the perfect jean partner. Grab your favourite pair of ankle boots or go all the way with some knee-high boots for a more evening vibe. No matter what boots you choose, these skinny jeans will just accentuate your legs to the max. Better yet, you won't need to try to roll up the jeans to fit inside the boot! Pair them with some strappy stilettos though, and you've got a whole new look entirely.

Throwback to the 80s

What goes around comes around as the saying goes, and nowhere is this more apt than when it comes to wide leg or flare jeans. Bring back that 80s vibe with our wide leg jeans and pair with a chunky shoe for a classic look.

Not quite ready for the full flare? Why not ease into it with our boot cut jeans. You can also simply use these to wear your favourite heels and just tuck your jeans over the top.

Choosing your jeans

If you need to buy jeans online then you have come to the right place! As we've outlined, there's a massive selection of women's jeans available right here at NA-KD. But, in order to get the perfect look, you do need to carefully consider your body type and the look you are trying to go for. We have a range of different styles including:

Each of these comes in a range of colours, lengths and sizes. What this means is that once you know your size, it's time to get shopping for the base women jeans online here at NA-KD!

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