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HOME is here! With a range of products from unique decors, soft duvet covers and more, this limited collection has it all. Your home is unique, like yourself - so relax, enjoy your surroundings, and get ready to feel at HOME.
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Home Decor

Grey/Green Washed Organic Cotton Pillowcase
60x50 cm
USD 16.95
6 Colors
Beige Table Cloth Small
150x150 cm
USD 41.95
2 Colors
Grey/Green Washed Organic Cotton Bedding Set Double
220x210 cm
4 Colors
Grey/Green Washed Organic Cotton Bedding Set Single
150x210 cm
6 Colors
Pink Stripe Checkered Throw
140x150 cm
USD 67.95
2 Colors
Pink Washed Organic Cotton Pillowcase
65x65 cm
USD 16.95
4 Colors
Purple Glass Candlestick
USD 25.95
2 Colors
Rust Washed Cotton Rectangular Pillowcase
90x50 cm
4 Colors
Pink Swirly Lines Poster
USD 31.95
2 Colors
White Seersucker Beddings
150x210 cm
USD 76.26USD 108.95
2 Colors
Blue Swirly Lines Poster
USD 25.16USD 35.95
2 Colors
Beige Cotton Gauze Throw
USD 54.95
4 Colors
White Seersucker Pillowcase
60x50 cm
USD 22.95
2 Colors
Beige Buttoned Linen Cushion Cover
Premium quality
USD 41.95
3 Colors
Blue Graphic Bodies Poster
USD 35.95
1 Color
Blue Tied Cotton Cushion Cover
USD 18.95
3 Colors
Blue Kitchen Towel
NA-KD Home
USD 11.95
4 Colors
Blue Guest Towel 2-pack
USD 16.95
4 Colors

NA-KD Home Decor

Here at NA-KD we offer you an extensive selection of beautiful home decor. Become charmed with our stunning collection of interior decor items available in impressive colour schemes and patterns. Indeed, we have a vast choice of products to make your home stand out from others. Adding eccentric and one-of-a-kind items to your home interior is a great way to flaunt your interior design prowess. All items are made from top quality materials that are safe for the environment and long-lasting. So, if you need help to create a perfect look for your home, just browse our collection today.

How to choose your style

The first thing you should do is decide on a design theme for the interior of your house. If you are looking to create a relaxing yet stylish look for your bedroom, we are here to help. For your bed linen, we offer you some of the finest organic cotton sheets and bedding. Not only will your room look amazing, but you will have a great night's sleep. Add some candle stands, along with some fringe edge cushions, and you have a perfect night zone. You could even choose some vibrant lines posters to add some colour to your room.

Mix Styles When Decorating

Most of us have a passion for more than one style and would love to arrange our homes accordingly. If you are looking to liven up your living room, look no further. Just pick out a couple of our super soft throws for your sofa, add some painted circles posters to your bare walls and select one of our vases. Our beautiful beige linen curtains will also look great. Choose from our vast selection of cushions for your sofa and, in no time at all, you have a new look to your room. So, look no further for quality.

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