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USD 29.95
1 Color
USD 41.95
2 Colors
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1 Color
Burgundy Shirred High Neck Flower Dress
USD 51.95
1 Color
Dark Green Gathered Shoulder Glittery Dress
USD 41.95
2 Colors
Silver Mini Balloon Sleeve Glittery Dress
2 Colors
Black Marta Dress
USD 32.95
1 Color
Black Mini Balloon Sleeve Glittery Dress
2 Colors
Gold Sparkling Blazer Dress
USD 59.95
1 Color
Burgundy Glittery Mini Dress
USD 59.95
1 Color
Black Deep V-Neck Dress
Queen of Jetlags x NA-KD
USD 29.36USD 41.95
1 Color

Sequin dress for women

Never underestimate the power of the sparky dress! A sparkly dress is one of the best things to wear to a party, whether it's for Christmas, New Year, a baby shower or simply a party with friends. A sparkly, sequin-covered dress is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowd and can provide a truly classy addition to your wardrobe. Better still, it has an instant elegance to it, meaning that less is more in this case - it really doesn't take much to dress this up. Pair it with a stunning pair of strappy heels and a small clutch and you are literally good to go! Of course, you can dress it down if you feel it's too much - just throw on a snug bolero or wear some flats to bring the sparkle but slightly less of the glam when you head out to the party. Have a look through our sequined dresses for the perfect party outfit this year!

Get a new look sequin dress

When it comes to sequin dresses, we have got it all! That's right, there's a massive selection of options when it comes to style and looks. One of the things that is consistent across all our sequin dresses, though, is the underlining. Sequins can be scratchy or irritating when lying against the skin for too long, so we have made sure that all our dresses come with a comfortable underlining, separating you from those glittering sequins. With the lining in place, you can enjoy wearing these dresses out and about for hours on end with no irritation whatsoever. It also means that you will avoid any potential embarrassment when it comes to some of the dresses being slightly see-through at the bottom. It also adds an extra layer to the dress if you're planning on wearing it during the winter months. So, make the most of the lining on these glittery sequin dresses and party in comfort and style all year round.

  • Lining in the dresses provides comfort
  • Sequins cannot rub on your skin

Choose a style

While these dresses all have sequins, that's where the similarities end, for we have a huge range of different colours and styles available. Choose a sophisticated black sequin dress for those evening events, office parties and such like. Or you can go for a bright splash of colour when choosing a purple or turquoise option. Take a look at the necklines too and opt for a plunging v-neck for a little bit of drama, a turtleneck with cut out for a more modest look, or cover up the front entirely and go backless for added party excitement! Our sequin dresses also come in a range of lengths - from slinky slim fit mini dresses to looser mid-length styles, we've got them all. Sleeve length is another option to consider and ranges from full-length sleeves, puffed sleeves and mid-length options to spaghetti straps and off the shoulder options. With any of these, you're going to look glamorous no matter what you choose, so have a look through the collection now!

  • Range of different sleeve types and lengths
  • Mini to midi-length dresses
  • Variety of colours

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