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9 Choices
Pink Puffy Sleeve Blazer Dress
USD 62.95
Light Beige Puffy Sleeve Blazer Dress
USD 62.95
Dusty Light blue Pocket Blazer Dress
USD 99.95
Black Cut Out Blazer Dress
USD 47.21USD 62.95
Pastel Yellow Lacing Detail Blazer Dress
Hanna Schönberg x NA-KD
USD 93.95
Offwhite Tailored Vest Dress
NA-KD Classic
USD 44.06USD 62.95
Mint Tailored Vest Dress
NA-KD Classic
USD 78.95
Second-hand available
Black Pocket Blazer Dress
USD 87.95
Dusty Green Big Buckle Blazer Dress
Melissa Bentsen x NA-KD
USD 74.95

Blazer dress

Elevate your dress collection when you choose one of these stunning blazer dresses. The blazer dress is the perfect addition to any girl's collection and we have a whole range in store for you to choose from. If you want to hit up an office party, then the tuxedo dress might be the perfect option for you. Looking for something a little more casual? Then check out the range of sleeveless blazer dress options we have too. In our blazer dress collection, we also have a wide range of materials so you can choose one that soft and comfortable to wear all day long. Don't forget that a blazer dress is a girl's best friend because - that's right - they all come with pockets, and we know how important that is! Not only are there pockets, but these keep the flattering lines of the suit, simply helping you to ooze elegance and class no matter where you are wearing it.

A blazer dress that pops

Looking for that little something extra in your dress? Then why not take a leap and choose a bright colour, or a tux dress with a pattern. We've got muted tones such a black, cream and grey to choose from, but also some more vibrant colours including blue, berry and green. Alternatively, go all out and choose one with a duo colour. Want to show off your figure? Then select one of the figure-hugging options with or without a belt. Some of the dresses have plunging necklines too, including our stunning double brested dress options, which look great when accentuated with a necklace. For a more casual look, grab one of our looser fitting blazer dresses that give that oversized look yet still shout femininity. Or go the whole way and grab one of our backless peekaboo dresses that give something a little different while still maintaining that classy edge and are perfect for a night out when you're done at the office.

  • Figure hugging or body covering
  • Range of colours and patterns
  • Pockets galore

Dressing up or down with a jacket dress

Of course, you may be looking to impress outside of work too. In that case, we've still got you covered. Why not take a look at one of the belted blazer dress options that can be dressed up or down as you choose? Adding a smart, single colour belt can change the dress to a more formal look, or adding a funky or cute belt can help dress it down while maintaining that sharp look. Consider looking at some of the tailored options in order to flatter your shape and use that belt to cinch in your waist to flaunt those curves! Going bare-legged is also an option; alternatively, you can pair one of these blazer dresses with a smart pair of stockings or leggings if the weather is a little colder, or go for some thigh-high boots. But let's face it, we always want to elongate those legs, so a pair of heels is a must to finish off the look even if you're dressing down!

  • Use a belt to accentuate your waist
  • Cover those legs, only if you must!

Best Blazer Dresses for Women to Rock

Trends come and go, and the blazer dress has made many appearances in the fashion world. Blazer dresses continue to pop up in a variety of styles, shapes, and colours. The blazer dress is a sophisticated and robust statement piece that will boost your wardrobe and overall appearance, giving you a feminine yet powerful image.

Colours and Prints

Blazer dresses are available in a variety of colours, including neutrals like white, taupe, and grey, as well as vivid hues like blue, red, and orange. All you have to do now is choose a colour that matches the mood you want to create.

Modern blazer dresses come in various styles, including tight outlines, oversized outlines, and double-breasted shapes. Every fashionista will find something to her liking.

Long Blazer Dress

The long blazer outfit trend for women is still going strong. Your oversized blazer can be worn with nothing at all. The sexiness of an oversized blazer dress is undeniable, and it conveys confidence.

Oversized blazer dresses worn over pants are among the fashion trends we are seeing in 2021 that are suitable for professional or corporate job attire. It's a trend we adore since it appears professional while also giving a touch of personality to a corporate setting.

Short Blazer Dress

This short blazer dress is constructed of Lightpsun double gauze, which is light enough for summer yet stylish enough to wear all year. Short blazer dresses are the ideal dress for summer.

No matter your preference, there is always a blazer dress for you!


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