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Nighties for women

Sleep! We all need it, and a lot of it if we are to stay happy and healthy. When we sleep it's important that we are comfortable at all times, as this will help to improve our sleep quality. It can be tough depending on the time of year though, to be as comfortable as possible. Maybe you get too hot or too cold, the material of your pyjamas is irritating or a variety of other reasons. But here at NA-KD we've got you covered - literally. That's right, we have a range of delightful soft nighties that are going to keep you cool, yet look super stylish too. Sharing a bed with a loved one? Then they're going to love the sheer material and simplicity of these nightdresses, so take a look now and see if there's one that catches your eye, ready to give you that perfect night of blissful sleep while you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Sheer nighties

All of our nightdresses are very simple, designed for fashion and elegance rather than covering you up head to toe! These nighties are all short, hovering above the knee for a playful, yet cute look. They come in a range of neutral colours including black and beige to bring out the best in you. For the perfect look, why not make sure that you pair the nightie with your favourite lingerie! Why, you ask? Well, all our nighties are made from sheer material which makes them slightly see-through. They come with lace detailing too to give that additional touch of elegance to the outfit. With the transparent nature of the dress, it's perfect to show off your favourite bra and panties set while lounging about comfortably in bed or on the couch while watching a movie. The plunging v-neckline also helps to accentuate your curves for the perfect finish, as these nighties are all slightly loose-fitting for movement in bed.

  • Neutral colours including black
  • Lace trim for an elegant look
  • Transparent, loose material

Comfort and care

Each of the nighties is available in a range of sizes, so measure yourself carefully and choose one that fits you well. Don't panic if you feel your bust size might be slightly larger than our dress sizes suggest as these nighties all have adjustable straps so that you can make the dress fit perfectly while you use it. And remember, these are loose-fitting so there's always some leeway when it comes to the sizing. As these nighties are also relatively delicate, make sure that you care for it well and follow the washing instructions provided on the garment. Wash it with similar colours for instance, and line dry only. Care must be taken as you could end up shrinking or stretching the nightie accidentally, which will then take away from the elegance and comfort of this dress. So, without further ado, take a look at all the nighties we have available and choose the perfect elegant piece to glam up your sleep!

  • Measure yourself carefully before ordering
  • Check the washing instructions for the nightie

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