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Sofia’s new line features stunningly versatile pieces like slip dress classics, cosy knits, and show-stopping suits. Made with recycled and organic materials, you can look great and be a little kinder to the planet. Shop collection
Organic cotton Organic cotton is grown in an environmentally-friendly way that doesn't harm the soil, air or water around the plants.
Recycled polyester Recycled polyester is made from plastic that industries or people throw away. Reusing it helps to reduce the world's plastic problem.
Recycled cotton Recycled cotton uses far less resources than new cotton, which makes it a great sustainable option.
"You’re always one choice away from a completely different lifestyle. Making movements towards more sustainable living should be the next."
Uses less water Organic cotton uses up to 90% less water than regular cotton
Uses less energy Recycled polyester uses up to 50% less energy that regular polyester
SOFIA TSAKIRIDOU @matiamubysofia Sofia Tsakiridou a.k.a. Matiamu is a blogger and infuencer with Greek roots. For her, fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. Making sustainable choices everyday allows her to see the world in its potential beauty, and as a fashion lover, it starts with clothing.

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