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Romee Strijd is back and bolder than ever in her brightest collection yet.
A collection to keep cool (and look cooler) in the summer sun.
Flirty, ultra-feminine mini dresses make a max impression.
Romee knows how to do dynamic model off-duty right.
NA-KD sits down with our forever style icon Romee Strijd. Read on to get her style secrets, her fave pieces, and what has been her main inspiration behind the juicy, colour-popping drop we’ve all been longing for!
What were your main inspirations for your second collection? Summer and vacation for sure! I love how colours come alive in the summer and how you feel more alive during this time, too. Also, I’m really into crochet fashion! Do you have a favourite look? (If you had to pick!) The orange oversized blazer and the orange pleat detail suit trousers. I love how the orange colour is popping. I also love wearing the Cross Back Detail Dress in light blue - it is a perfect dress for summer evenings - no matter if you are going on a date night, enjoying a nice dinner with the family or having a fun evening with friends. In what ways do you think your personality shines through in these pieces? I wanted to create a collection that makes people happy and comfortable in what they wear - and I think this is where my personality shines through a bit - being happy, enjoying life and all of that with comfort and confidence. Any extra style secrets you want to share with us? Don’t be afraid to use colours ;-) I have always been more discrete in my colour choices, but lately, I have started to wear more colours as colours add more to the personality of a look, especially during summertime. There are a lot of juicy, bright colours in the new designs. Do you have a fave? The orange and the light blue colour! What essentials are usually in your handbag on a holiday? Nowadays, since becoming a mum, my essentials are less of a priority. It is all about prioritising the most essential things for my daughter while on holiday - as you can never be “prepared enough” as a mum. However, a must-bring on holiday is a sunscreen with a high protection factor as well as a lot of water. You gotta stay hydrated during the warm summer months! Are there any two pieces you love to pair together? I love to pair the sets in the same colour together - such as the blazer together with the suit pants, the crochet top together with the crochet skirt and the knitted top together with the knitted skirt.
If you could only bring 3 pieces from the collection on a weekend trip, what would they be? The orange oversized blazer and the orange pleat detail suit trousers - together with the light blue Cross Back Detail Dress dress. My top favourites! Where do you envision yourself wearing these designs most? Abroad during a vacation with the family. But also back home in the Netherlands on a day off with the fam! What are the main influences on your style? Social media, the modelling world, nature? It is a mix of influence from social media, fashion shows, friends and family.
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